What Are People Saying?

“In response to the world’s growing indifference to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Church has clearly articulated the need for a New Evangelization; one that is new in its ardor, methods and expression. As a guest speaker, Tom has taken this mandate to heart and run with it. He brings with him a genuine love of the Church, an ardent zeal for souls and a fresh, unassuming approach to the transmission of the Faith. His trademark pinstripe suit, handkerchief and cufflinks are, for me, an outward sign of his inward disposition: organized, focused and always ready to respond. I hope to continue having him back each year.”  

— Michael Garibaldi., Former Director of Evangelization and Catechesis – St. Joan of Arc Roman Catholic Church, Phoenix, Arizona

“We had Tom speak at our parish men’s group last night on the topic of what every Catholic man needs to know about Mary and he, as they say in the baseball world, “Hit it out of the park!”  This was evidenced by the myriad of questions asked during his Q & A and by the number of men who came up to me after the talk thanking me for bringing in such an effective speaker.  Tom is extremely knowledgeable, highly engaging, and what beautifully bleeds through all of that is that he is a man of deep faith.  We look forward to having him back!’

— Deacon Dennis Lambert, “Men of St. Joseph”, Corpus Christi Parish – Phoenix, Arizona 

“Tom has an excellent way of making the information clear and understandable.  He has a vast amount of knowledge in the area of Catholic teaching and is willing to share this with anyone taking his classes.  You can tell Tom has a deep love for the Catholic Church as he was well prepared, answered questions, and kept the group motivated.”

— Bob & Carole Z., Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church, Scottsdale, Arizona


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  1. Tom came and spoke at our class RCIA class. I was raised Lutheran and the other people in the class came from other denominations. Tom has a wonderful sense of humor, a good mind, and a joyful love.
    Brenda Williamson

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