My Baptism – March 17, 1974.

Blog post that explains this page…

  • Happened to me in Confession 20 years ago with Fr. Cornelius M. Buckley, S.J. – Sitting behind a confessional screen (never went behind a screen in most Arizona parishes in the 80’s and 90’s) – “Father, this is Tommy Perna”, his response – “Well that’s not sin!”
  • If you know the line for Confession is going to be long, you need to get there one hour early so you’re the first person to go in.
  • I realized that on Saturday’s during Lent, I eat double the meat I usually do for the mere fact that I don’t eat it on Friday’s during Lent. Yesterday, I had meat for breakfast, meat for lunch, and lots of meat on my pizza for dinner.
  • There was so much incense in the sanctuary tonight at Mass that the contacts in my eyes began to dry up. #CatholicProblems
  • You know you’re a Catholic when to go the movies and you genuflect before entering the row where you are sitting. (Often said by my Pastor).

More will be added as they come to me…