Pope Benedict XVI

Habemus Papam – We have a Pope!

On April 19, 2005, my sister called me during the school day (she teaches as well) and told me that the media was reporting news of a new Pope. As the minutes passed after her call, I ended up standing around a television in my classroom at St. Mary’s High School in Phoenix, Arizona with about 25 students watching the bells of St. Peter’s Basilica ring as people ran to St. Peter’s Square for the announcement of the new Pope. We then heard this words from one of the Cardinals – Habemus Papam!  The Cardinal said a few more things and then read the name, Cardinal Ratzinger. I did a double-take and asked one of the students, “Did he say Ratzinger?! With the affirmative yes,  I went crazy and started jumping around my classroom. I called a few friends who were also celebrating. After a few moments, the new Pope, Benedict XVI made his first appearance and gave his Urbi et Orbi Address (To the City [of Rome] and to the World).

This event will always in my memory and I cherish Pope Benedict’s Papacy. He is a faithful and loving Pope who is doing wonderful acts for the Church. In the years to come, I believe he will be known as the “Scripture Pope” because of his great works on the Holy Scriptures. We are blessed to live during his Papacy.

Praise Be Jesus Christ!

Please share in the comment section below about what you remember, where you were, who you were with, what were your first thoughts when Pope Benedict XVI was elected to the Papacy. No comment is too short or too long – please share your thoughts!

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  1. I was very excited when I learned that Cdl Ratzinger was elected Pope. I don’t remember exactly where I was or what I was doing when I heard.

    I do know, however, that the ladies who worked in the parish office cried, but they weren’t tears of joy. Sad.

  2. Having spent a number of days in mourning at the passing of JPII, I was absolutely overjoyed to hear that Cardinal Ratzinger was to be our new pope! I was home watching the EWTN news coverage and I had a short list of candidates that I was following: Arinze, Schonborn and of course Ratzinger so when I heard his name announced I burst into tears of joy! My second response was to throw open my arcadia door and shout “we have a pope!” The Holy Spirit had given us a man of doctrine and faith as successor to Peter who had worked side by side with John Paul the Great. To this day our Papa’s picture brings a smile to my face. May he have many more years as our beloved leader.

  3. Jim and I had retired from teaching and were standing in front of the tv waiting for the news. Your student Ceci was 10 and was with us at the time. When we heard the announcement, we literally jumped up and down for joy and exclaimed over and over, “I can’t believe it!” Ceci couldn’t understand why we, her rather sedate grandparents, were so excited. We have all his books and writings that are translated into English and have made it priority reading. We thank God for the gift he is to the Church.
    Mary Ann

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