If there is no link to a post, it means I did not get to it on that day. This project will probably take two years. 

November 27 – The Greatness of Divine Love

November 28 – The Suitableness of the Incarnation

November 29 – The Necessity of the Incarnation

November 30 – The Necessity of the Incarnation

December 1 – The Necessity of the Incarnation to Satisfy Sufficiently for Sin

December 2 – The Incarnation of Our Lord Was a Most Suitable Remedy

December 3 – Saint John the Baptist

December 4 – The Manner of Repairing Human Nature

December 5 – The Wonderful Incarnation of the Son of God

December 6 – If Man Had Not Sinned Would God Have Become Man?

December 7 – Should God Have Become Incarnate at the Beginning of the World?

December 8 – The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

December 9 – The Departing NIght

December 10 – The Translation of the House of Our Lady of Loretto

December 11 – Saint Andrew the Apostle

December 12 – The Desire for Our Lord’s Incarnation