The Meditations of St. Thomas Aquinas

December 2 – The Incarnation of Our Lord was a Most Suitable Remedy

That sacred union of the Divine nature with the human nature was most suitably ordained for man’s salvation, for even though another way was possible for God, still nothing was so fitting as the Incarnation. For it was suitable to the Repairer, to the repaired and to the reparation.

  1. It was suitable to Christ, the Repairer of our fallen nature, to Whom it was becoming to manifest His wisdom, His power and His goodness. For what was or could be powerful than to unite extremes in the highest manner. For great was the power manifested in the union of unequal elements, greater in the union of those elements to the created spirit and greatest in the union with the Increated Spirit, where exists the greatest difference. Truly what could be more wise, as to the completion of the whole universe, than the union of the First and the Last, that is, the Word of God, Which is the beginning of all things and the union of human nature, which among the works of six days, was the final work of created things? For what could be more gracious than that the Creator of all things should will to communicate Himself to created things? And this kindness was great in the union of Himself with all things by His Presence; greater became His kindness when He communicated Himself to good things by His grace and His kindness became the greatest, because He communicated Himself to the Man-Christ and consequently, by unity of person to the family of nations.
  2. This way of redemption was most fitting also to the person or people redeemed, because man through sin had fallen into infirmity, ignorance, and wickedness by which he had become unfitted to imitate or acquire Divine virtue or know truth or love goodness. Therefore, God became man, so that He might give Himself to man to be imitated, to be known and to be loved.
  3. This way was most suitable in regard also to our reparation, because the Son of God became incarnate, so that in the form of a slave, He might procure the salvation of the slave. Indeed, this suitableness extends to the things proper to the Son and to those virtues appropriate to Him.

First, because the Son is the Word, the Image of the Father and the Son. Moreover, man through sin, had lost three things, namely, a knowledge of wisdom, the likeness of grace and possession of glory. Therefore, the Word, the Image and the Son were sent into the world.

Secondly, this suitableness of the Incarnation appears more and more from the part of the virtues of the Son of God, because in the work of creation, His power especially shines forth; in the work of restoration, His wisdom is seen; while in the work of retribution, His kindness is apparent to all men. (Humanity of Christ)

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