10 Quotes from the Saints on Death

Today is the Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed, which is also known as All Souls Day. After the celebration of All Saints, the Church prays for all of those souls that are currently suffering and being purified in Purgatory.

Although we can offer our sufferings here on earth for these souls, the primary means that the Church prays for the dead is by offering up the Holy Mass, the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. The Holy Mass displays the perfect and most complete means of charity for the dead. Even in death, the Mystical Body of Christ remains intact. The Church Militant (on earth), the Church Suffering (in Purgatory), and Church Triumphant (in Heaven) are all united through the love of Jesus Christ.

Even though these souls have departed from our presence, it doesn’t mean they have left us or we will forget them. The connection and love that unites us is through the Communion of Saints and today’s feast of All Souls. Ever since my Dad passed away, I have felt a connection to him even greater than when he was still here on earth and in the hospital.

The Catholic Church isn’t afraid to talk about suffering and death; since suffering and death is an element of life. So many of the saints have looked forward to death, for they knew in their death they would be united with Jesus Christ.

Madonna and Child with the Souls in Purgatory - Luca Giodarno

Madonna and Child with the Souls in Purgatory – Luca Giodarno

To conclude this post, here are 10 quotes from the Saints on Death –

I. “The more we are afflicted in this world, the greater is our assurance in the next; the more sorrow in the present, the greater will be our joy in the future.” – St. Isidore of Seville

II. “Death is more than falling blindly into the arms of God.” – St. Maria Maravillas de Jesus

III. “After my death, I will let fall a shower of roses. I will spend my heaven doing good upon the earth. I will raise up a mighty host of little saints. My mission is to make God loved.” – St. Therese of Lisieux

IV. “Live so as not to fear death. For those who live well in the world, death is not frightening but sweet and precious.” – St. Rose of Viterbo

V. “He who bears his sufferings with patience for God’s sake, will soon arrive at high perfection. He will be Master of the world and will already have one foot in the other world.” – St. Giles of Assisi

VI. “Go forth in peace, for you have followed the good road. Go forth without fear; for He that created you has sanctified you, has always protected you, and loves you as a mother. Blessed be Thou, O God, for having created me.” – St. Clare, on her deathbed speaking to herself

VII. “They must be esteemed to have lost their sense, who either pursuing abundance, or fearing lack of temporal goods, lose those who are eternal. – St. Thomas Aquinas

VIII. “Christ’s martyrs feared neither death nor pain. He triumphed in them who lived in them; and they, who lived not for themselves but for Him, found in death itself the way to life.” – St. Augustine of Hippo

IX. “A man may very well lose his head and yet come to no harm – yea, I say to unspeakable good and everlasting happiness.” – St. Thomas More

X. “For I trust, in whatever manner I die, that I shall not be deprived of the mercy of my God, without which my eternal ruin would be inevitable, whether I die an unprepared death, or whether I have long anticipated my end.” – St. Gertrude

All the Holy Souls…Pray for Us as We Pray for You

All the Holy Saints in Heaven…Pray for Us

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