Catholic Priesthood

The Catholic Priesthood

On the Feast of St. Matthew the Evangelist, I present to you a young priest that gives me hope for the Church. I know him personally and consider this man of God a friend. He is currently the Associate Director of the Arizona State University Newman Center located in Tempe, Arizona. The Diocese of Phoenix is blessed to have so many young men discerning the Holy Priesthood. This video is a small indication of what is happening here in Phoenix, but also all around the world with vocations to the Priesthood. When I lived in the Diocese of Austin, I witnessed the large number of men in seminary and was able to meet a few over the two years I worked in Texas. Fr. Daniel Liu is the priest who I was blessed to work with for two years at St. Dominic Savio Catholic High School. He is one of the many young priests sacrificing his life for the Catholic Church.

Here is Fr. John Muir – A Day in the Life of a Priest

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