Catholic Priesthood

The New Breed of Holy Priests in the Catholic Church

This came to me from LarryD of Acts of the Apostasy – a great blog that uses humor and intelligence to spread the beauty of the Catholic Church.

This is a great vocations video!  I found it very funny. The Lord is sending us good young men who are in seminary currently. We have so many good young priests in the Catholic Church now. In my diocese, Phoenix, there is a plethora of them in seminary (three of them were students at St. Mary’s Catholic High School when I taught there) and I believe more are being called now. The one thing I notice about our young priests here in Phoenix – Fr. Matt Lowry, Fr. Paul Sullivan, Fr. Will Schmid, Fr. Robert Bolding, Fr. John Muir, Fr. John Parks, Fr. Chad King, Fr. Matt Henry and many others – they love being priests! They love celebrating the Mass. They love going to Confession; they love hearing Confessions. They love the everyday joy the priesthood brings to them. Oh more thing, the young priests in Phoenix (and the priests who have been priests for 10 years plus), ROCK at preaching! I love being back in Phoenix because the preaching at Mass is the best I have heard anywhere. Whoever is teaching our guys Homiletics in seminary is doing their job well!


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  1. Love this! My nephew, Adam, entered the Dominican novitiate a few weeks ago here in Ireland…he is upright, steadfast, has sound doctrine, is unafraid, tall and definitely handsome! As are the other 4 guys who entered the same day. Definitely a new springtime of the Church is presenting itself.

  2. …not just true of young seminarians in Arizona; I know a young seminarian in Louisiana who also fits this dynamic description. my prayers go before the Lord on behalf of priest and seminarians everywhere.

    • Yes, I have found that the young priests in LA are solid and dynamic as well. Let’s be honest – the young priests are orthodox, they love the Eucharist, and they love being priests. Thanks for the comment. Hope you share this post with your family and friends…and the seminarian you know.

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