Diocese of Phoenix

All Quiet on the Southwestern Front…

…But Not For Long.

Recently, I my writing has been less than usual. Since January 1, I have only written 4 times in three weeks (in the morning another MWM). Three reasons for this – 1. Life is just busier with teaching a college course on Tuesday nights, 2. Life at the parish position has stepped into overdrive (love the work I am doing there overall, but especially Thursdays presenting the Catholicism Series with our Parochial Vicar) and 3. There has not been much to write on lately, but that is all changing soon.

Beginning this week and continuing into the many weeks ahead, there will be some serious posts coming from the Southwestern Front known as Scottsdale, Arizona. Grab your weapon of choice (like a Rosary) and be attentive for…A March for Life Reflection, St. Francis de Sales, The Conversion of St. Paul, St. Thomas Aquinas, One Year Anniversary of TomPerna.org,  St. John Bosco, Candlemas and Presentation of the Lord, Sports through the eyes of the Catholic Church, Mondays with Mary, Lenten Reflections, and much more.

The New Evangelization during the Year of Faith is an advancing front from the Southwestern part of the United States in the heart of the Diocese of Phoenix.

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