“Mondays with Mary” – Speaking about the Blessed Virgin Mary at God’s Country

This past weekend, I visited my girlfriend in her hometown in Southern Indiana. The entire weekend was such a blessing since I was able to spend time with her and part of her family. She is an amazing catholic woman who I am enjoying getting to know better every day. Her family members I met are as genuine and fun as she. We are praying that we can align our wills with God’s will (that’s what we’re all called to do anyway).

As I was boarding the plane to fly out to see her, she sent me a text message telling me that Dr. Mark Ginter invited me to speak for the First Saturday Devotion at God’s Country (I admit I was bit apprehensive at first). St. Joseph’s Holy Family is a Catholic apostolate in pursuit of the renewal of the Catholic family. The First Saturday Reparations derived and have been a staple for many Catholics since the apparition at Fatima when Our Lady requested that the world offer up the First Saturday’s as a day of devotion, prayer, and repentance.

Knowing that I had to come up with something pretty quickly and speaking with Dr. Mark Ginter later in the day, I decided to speak on the Six Reasons Why Mary Should Not Be Forgotten During a Times of Crisis. I have written on this topic before, as the aforementioned link will prove. It was based on an interview Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI) gave in 1984. It was the perfect topic for the day and something I knew I could speak on in the allotted 20 minutes.

The few hours we visited God’s Country was spent in quality prayer and fellowship. As we arrived, others were just returning from praying the Stations of the Cross on the grounds. We then participated in the celebration of the Holy Mass in a small chapel. As I was sitting there, I thought how much I love being Catholic. The universality of the Church is everywhere – it’s at my parish in Scottsdale, it’s on a small mountaintop in Southern Indiana, and it’s across the globe. After Mass concluded, we had lunch and spent some time in community with new friends. Once we had our fill of food, some of us proceeded to pray a scriptural rosary of the Sorrowful Mysteries around the grounds (and yes, it was cold outside too! 30 degrees, felt like it was 20 degrees, and light snow flurries were falling). After the rosary walk, we then headed down to the little chapel where we had Mass for my short talk.

It was truly a blessing to be at God’s Country with my girlfriend and new Catholic friends. Thank you Dr. Ginter for inviting me to speak on a topic so close to my heart. Thank you to all of you I met at God’s Country – your Christian zeal and hospitality was appreciated.

Our Lady of Fatima…Pray of Us.

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