Catholic Prayers

Giving Thanks to Police Officers, Firefighters, and Military Personnel

With the recent events that we as a country have endured this week, both in Boston and in West, Texas, I think it’s only appropriate that we GIVE A BIG THANKS to the police officers, firefighters, and military personnel that assisted in these tragic events. In both cases, first responders lost their lives protecting these communities from further harm.

Even though I am in Phoenix, I give my heartfelt appreciation to those individuals who risked their lives on the front lines this week. You are signs of hope in times of despair. I know full well what is to have cops in the family since three of my cousins are Phoenix City Police Officers and another is a retired police officer. I also know quite a few firefighters and have friends and former students in the military/veterans.

I just saw a great Tweet from a new follower of mine on Twitter: “Anywhere. And if anybody sees Police, EMT, or Fire personnel they better drink for free tonight.” Seeing that tweet inspired me to respond with the following tweet and to write this blog post. “We thank the service men and women who serve our country when we see them. Starting thanking the cops too! #Thx4ProtectingAndServing”  – Thanks Michael Kieloch!

We need to give thanks for the work these brave men and women do on our streets everyday. We also need to pray for those individuals who were lost their lives this week and offer up prayers for their families as they grieve during this time. To assist you in your prayers, here are some prayers for police officers, firefighters, and military personnel.

police, fire, and military

As Catholics, we ask for the intercession of the saints to pray for us since they are in the Heavenly Kingdom before the throne of God. It’s not the saints that are doing the actual healing when first responders are in danger, but it’s God. All the saints do is pray, as we pray for each other here on Earth. The Patron Saint for police officers in general is St. Michael the Archangel, for local/municipal police offers it is St. Sebastian, for firefighters is St. Florian and St. John of God, and for military personnel it’s St. Michael the Archangel, St. Joan of Arc, and St. George.

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, we give you praise and thanksgiving for all the first responders and military personnel in our communities around the world who bravely serve to protect us from harm. Be with them tonight and protect them always as they continue their diligence on the streets and battlefields. We ask Our Blessed Mother to always be their Mother ready to protect them. For those who have given their lives, we ask that their families are healed and protected from more harm. Amen.

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  1. Amen to the above, all the emergency services do a great job under what can be dangerous and trying circumstances at times. They have my full support and I pray the good Lord and his Angels, keep them safe God Bless them all.
    Ian Rigby
    Manchester, UK

  2. Hi Tom, I would love to use the image in this article with the police/firefighter/military. Is it copyrighted? Do you know who I could contact to get permission?

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