TomPerna.org Gets A New Look, Part 2

After speaking with someone who knows me very well (Tara), I decided to change my theme again to Twenty Eleven for the simple fact that I now have a header picture. She reminded me that I am a Papist. I should have a picture that shouts Papacy on my blog. My blog header on the front page is now St. Peter’s Basilica and Square at night. It’s a very cool panoramic picture…and no, I did not take it.

You will notice my name is now bigger and my secondary title which is below my name has changed to The Education and Engagement of the Catholic Faithful in the New Evangelization by the JP2 Generation.

I added some pictures in the menu sections as well as completely redesigned my “Book Tom to Speak” page. Listed are the talks I can speak on currently. In the days ahead, I will give a small explanation of each of the talks. I also hope to add some more Book Reviews in that section.

I have capitalized Pages, Links, and Titles so that they STAND OUT MORE on the blog. The Font is also bigger than before which will be easier to read.

I changed the US Bishop’s Standing Against the HHS Mandate image to this upcoming summer’s – Fortnight for Freedom. If you click on that link, you will be taken to a page explaining the Fortnight for Freedom.

The colors are similar from the first change a couple of weeks ago with some slight variations. I have chosen white, a burgundy/red for the main title, light blue for the links, a grayish/blue background, and black lettering for titles and paragraphs.

Hope you enjoy the changes I have made. Please share the blog with your family and friends.

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  1. Tom I do read your blog and the piece written for OLPH. I went to daily mass this morning at OLPH and saw the new pastor. It was the students mass and he did a great job. I looked at your blog site, viewed testimonials and saw the piece I had forwarded to you. Thanks again for including.

    I will be off shortly, driving to Iowa to visit my mom and family. I plan to be gone thru Labor Day. See you in the fall. Have a great summer.

    Dick Welp

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