Imagine Sisters

“One Sister Can Change The World”

As I was writing [Hey Catholics…Get Your Vote On] and promoting the Dominican Sisters The American Bible ChallengeSeason 2 Episode #3  VTR #2003of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist being contestants on the show, The Great American Bible Challenge, I came upon a video promoting not only the Sisters of Mary, but Sisters (and Nuns) in general. This movement that is becoming more visible in the Catholic world is known as Imagine Sisters. Their motto is “One Sister Can Change the World.” Once the project is completed and viewed, I believe this short film will impact so many that we could have a spiritual earthquake on our hands made up of young women running to the convent.

The film, Light of Love, will be presented by Lighthouse Catholic Media in association with Lumen Vere and Altius Studios. Light of Love will challenge the hearts of many. It will inspire young women to give up their lives. A woman who wears a religious habit is wearing her wedding dress each day and proclaiming to the world that she is a Bride of Christ. The film is set to be released on September 8 – the day St. Therese of Lisieux made her final profession to religious life. Imagine Sisters, Lighthouse websites, and other social media networks will have the film available to view and download free of charge.

Imagine Sisters 1

Light of Love will present five interviews with religious women focusing on the life of prayer, service, and love from the following orders: the Carmelite Sisters of the Most Sacred Heart of Los Angeles, the Sisters of Penance of the Sorrowful Mother, the Franciscan Sisters of the Martyr St. George, the Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matara, and the Salesian Sisters of St. John Bosco.

For someone who loves promoting vocations to the Priesthood and Religious Life, this movement and short film is getting me fired up as a Catholic. It has been my great honor to work in two different high schools with the Sisters of Mary (Ann Arbor Dominicans). Working with such holy and joyful women encouraged me to be a better a man and teacher for my students. We need joyful religious women that are willing to offer up their lives in holiness, wear religious habits as signs to the world and to be examples of the love of Jesus Christ. It is my belief that we are on the cusp of a new Renaissance for women religious who are faithful and obedient to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

By this time, it’s my hope that you are asking the question – What can I do to help?

  1. Visit the Imagine Sisters website to learn more about this exciting movement in the Catholic Church.
  2. If you have the financial means to do so, please donate to this project. They are close to their goal of $25,000, but more is needed.
  3. If you have Facebook or Twitter, please visit their presence on these social media sites and “Like” or “Follow” them.
  4. PLEASE view the TRAILER below and check out other videos on YouTube.
  5. PRAY for this important movement! Ask the great religious sisters of the past who are now Saints in Heaven for their intercessions.
  6. PROMOTE and SHARE this blog post, their website, and the trailer for Light of Love.

Let us ask our Lord Jesus Christ that His will is done for Imagine Sisters. Let us ask for the intercession of the Blessed Mother, our Queen Mother, to pray for all those involved with this project. And, let us ask the intercessory prayers of St. Katherine Drexel, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Teresa of Avila, and Blessed Teresa of Calcutta for this worthwhile and beautiful film to succeed. Amen. 

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  1. Thanks again for this Tom, I did view the trailer and will look forward to the film is September. As for the contest the sisters were on on TV, I looked and do not think I have that channel on my cable. Is there a place I can view?

    Thank You. Dick (still trying to learn)

    As Fr Chad said and to you, ” Lord, today help me to become a Saint”

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