Three Ash Wednesday Homilies from Pope St. John Paul II

We are exactly 54 days away from the Canonization of Pope St. John Paul II (and Pope St. John XXIII), which will take place on Divine Mercy Sunday, April 27, 2014. Continuing with what I have been doing over the past year, and really the entire time I have been writing here, I want to provide you with some of the words of the soon-to-be saint.

Since we are such a “now” or “microwave” generation, I think many of us forget about the great theologians, philosophers, writers, and saints of the past very quickly. I try to make an effort in my own life not to forget about these great writings, even though some were written over 500-1000 years ago. Just because it’s not in front of our face at this very moment doesn’t mean things weren’t said or didn’t happen.

For this Lent, I am going to read Saint Teresa of Avila’sThe Way of Perfection. If I get through that, I will take up her Interior Castle or Saint John of the Cross‘, Dark Night of the Soul. There’s nothing like a little Carmelite mystical theology to help ones faith and prayer life.

Since today is Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, I provide you with three Ash Wednesday homilies from Pope St. John Paul II. I hope you have the time to read them and meditate on the words from the great Polish Pope.

1. Ash Wednesday Homily, February 28, 1979 – First Year as Pope

2. Ash Wednesday Homily, March 8, 2000 – Jubilee Year

3. Ash Wednesday Homily, February 25, 2004 – Last Ash Wednesday Homily (even though he entered Eternal Glory in 2005).

Pope St. John Paul II…Pray For Us!

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