The Top 5 “Mondays with Mary” over the Past Month

For this week’s “Mondays with Mary”, I provide for you the Top 5 blog posts over the past month in the hopes that you will read them again, if you did not get the chance when they first published, as well as share them with your family and friends via email or social media.  Studying and reflecting on Marian theology is important to the life of every Christian. The more we come to know Mary; the more we come to know Jesus Christ. Mariology leads us into a deeper understanding of Christology.

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger in his co-authored with Hans Ur Von Balthasar, Mary: The Church at the Source, states, “…Mariology underscores the nexus mysteriorum — the intrinsic interwovenness of the mysteries in their irreducible mutual otherness [Gegenuber] and their unity…Mary represents a further step, inasmuch as she is first related to Christ, not as a bride, but as mother.”

The blog posts are listed with the most popular over the past month first:

1. Our Lady Help of Christians

2. Mary as the New Ark of the Covenant

3. The Flowers of the Blessed Virgin Mary [most popular “Mondays with Mary” of all time]

4. The Esheth Yahil (Woman of Valor)

5. 10 Memorable Quotes about the Blessed Virgin Mary from St. John Vianney

Mary, Help of Christians

 Our Lady Help of Christians…Pray for Us.

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