Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist

“Mondays with Mary” – Picturing Mary at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

As we celebrate the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception today, I want to draw your attention to the capitol of the United States of America, Washington, D.C. Not only does this city have the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, but until April 12, 2015, the National Museum of Women in the Arts will host the exhibition, Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea.

Drawing upon sixty artistic masterpieces from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and which were gathered from public and private collections, the Vatican collection, and the European state, Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea, is a visual delight depicting the sacred life of the Blessed Virgin Mary as a young woman, mother, and queen.

Although you can view this collection with a purely secular eye, as Catholics, I would highly encourage you to also check out an accompanying website – This website developed after friends of the exhibit asked the Dominican Sisters Mary, Mother of the Eucharist to write spiritual reflections that correspond to the masterpieces displayed in the collection. The reflections give individuals an opportunity to learn more about the Marian doctrines and virtues of the Blessed Virgin Mary that surround her immaculate and beautiful life.


Following the reflections are additional resources that draw from Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. If you are a Catholic school teacher, Catholic artist, or just someone looking to teach others about great Catholic art that depicts the many truths of the Blessed Virgin Mary, then this website is an excellent starting point for you and those under your educational care.

As I always do with my writings, I highly encourage you to share this post, the website –, and the website to the National Museum of Women in the Arts on your social media sites. If you have a Facebook page or Twitter account, please use the hashtag #MeetMary whenever you talk about this phenomenal collection of Marian art. If you find yourself in Washington, D.C. before April 12, 2015 and can check out the exhibit, make sure you post something about it on your social media outlet(s).

Let us give all Praise, Adoration, and Honor to Our Lord Jesus Christ for giving us the great lady, our Gebirah, our Queen, Virgin, and Mother, Mary Most Holy. Let this exhibit and collection of art shine as an example of true feminism in a world darkened by a false understanding of the feminine genius and the true beauty of women.

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