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Help Support Andrea Thomas’ NEW ALBUM

I first met Andrea Thomas (AT as some of us call her) when I was a graduate student at Franciscan University of Steubenville working on my Masters in Theology six years ago. When you first meet AT, it’s hard not be friends with her because she has a genuine and joyful personality that just draws you in. It’s the joy that I believe many of the great saints have personified over the centuries. Where you really see and hear this joy from Andrea is in her music and the love that she has for singing.

The first time I heard her sing was in a show at Franciscan University, and although many people told me she was an amazing singer, I had never heard her sing before this event. To state it plainly, her voice blew me away. All I kept saying was, Wow! From that point forward, I jokingly nicknamed her “the Siren.” This is in reference to the alluring women that enchant men with their lyrical voices from Greek Mythology. Good thing for us is that Andrea sings like them, but isn’t like them (read the beginning of Book XII in Homer’s, The Odyssey). 🙂

In all seriousness, Andrea Thomas is a great artist and one that truly needs our support at this time. Please join me and others in helping her fundraise the necessary financial support for her to create a new album. It’s been three years since her first album debuted which is titled, Crying Out to You. Since then she has been traveling as a solo artist as well as singing with country music singer, Collin Raye. She is ready to hit the studio with new material, which is based in a topic close to her heart – overcoming our fears.

Andrea Thomas

For more information on the topic, and most importantly, to assist her in raising the funds needed to record the new album, check out her page – Andrea Thomas New Album via Kickstarter.

I would also encourage you to check out her website, Here you can learn more about her background, her music, and how to book her for a show. She is also blogging and that can be found on this website too. To purchase her music via iTunes, you can do that here. You can also Like her Facebook page.

If you’re Catholic, and haven’t yet donated your alms for the Lenten season this year, I would highly encourage you to give to this cause. The sweet spot is the $25/$50 levels. Good quality music with profound and insightful messages is so greatly needed these days. Let’s help her reach this goal so we can experience the joyful music of Andrea Thomas.

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