My Catholic Office at the Parish

As I promised way back on February 27, 2014, in my blog post, My Catholic Corner Office, at some point when we were in the new parish office building, I would post pictures of my office. At the time of the above blog post, I was sharing an office with one of my co-workers because we didn’t have the space to have our own offices. Now in the new building, which also holds the St. Michael the Archangel Adoration Chapel, we each have our own office. Our supportive staff uses cubicles and many have really made those their own space as well.

As I said in the above blog post, “I love working at Saint Mary Magdalene because I can be the on-fire, papist loving, unapologetic, evangelical Catholic that I am. See my blog post from last year – Characteristics of a Papist.” Working at the parish and having an office of my own makes going to work so much fun each day, well my co-workers and superiors help this out a lot too.

Although my office is essentially where I want it to be, the one thing I will continue to add are statues of the saints and icons. Below you will see where the statues and icons are in my office. They are a great reminder to me what it is to strive for holiness. A reminder I need everyday! 





IMG_1169IMG_1170IMG_1171The last picture is the view from my desk to remind that the life of a Catholic Christian, the life of a evangelist, the life of a Catholic lay minister, is always the Cross. It’s meant to be hard and if we die with Him and we certainly rise with Him. There have been many times over the past 6 months that this has been proven true.

All Praise and Thanksgiving to Jesus Christ…Now and Forever. Amen.  

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  1. I MUST come visit St. Mary Magdalene parish some day! I think I was there once….years and years ago to hear a speaker, I think.

  2. I worked at a parish for a long time, until I was suddenly unceremoniously let go from my position just 4 months shy of reaching my 15th anniversary there. No reason for my dismissal was ever given, and it certainly wasn’t for any wrongdoing. It wasn’t the fact that I was let go that hurt me so much–it was the manner in which it was all handled: coldly and impersonally; no farewell gathering; no chance to say goodbye to my fellow staff members, no chance to instruct the new person coming in of the details of the job and projects (which I would have gladly done, would have been the right thing to do for both the parish and for the newbie). This institution that centers on ministering to God’s people certainly did the opposite to me, and the bitter taste still remains even after a couple of years have passed. Despite the hardships present in working for a parish, I loved my job and my parish and went above and beyond, helping in various ministries where I could.
    Tom, you have a nice, professional-looking office. May you be blessed there.

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