Catholic Prayers

Giving Thanks to the Police Officers that Serve our Communities

With the events that we as a country are enduring today with the news coming out of Dallas, Texas with police officers being targeted by cowardly and evil individuals who sought to harm them, I personally want to thank the men and women of our local police departments who serve our communities.

I have three cousins that are Phoenix Police Officers and I know many police officers at my parish from the departments of Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, Scottsdale, Pinal County, and other local municipals. We also have quite a few retired cops as well. There isn’t a day that doesn’t go by where I don’t think about the safety of our officers, especially when I see horrific news such as what we are witnessing today.

Please pray for the safety of all police officers, the families of those in Dallas that lost a loved one, and pray that the racial divide that has been promoted by our current leaders will come to an end. If our leaders words were stronger than what they have been, I believe some of this violence would have been extinguished.


How often do you say thank you to the men and women in uniform? 

We need to give thanks for the work these brave men and women do on our streets everyday. To assist you in your prayers, here are some prayers for police officers. The Patron Saint for police officers in general is St. Michael the Archangel and local/municipal police offers it is St. Sebastian.

Let us pray…

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, we give you praise and thanksgiving for all the police officers in our communities and around the world who bravely serve to protect us from evil and harm. Be with them this day and protect them always as they continue their diligence on the streets. We ask Our Blessed Mother to always be their Mother ready to protect them. For those who have given their lives, we ask that their families are healed and protected from more harm. Amen.

St. Michael the Archangel…Pray for Us. 

St. Sebastian…Pray for Us. 

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  1. Is this really the time or the place to blame people? And how is this not as divisive as the “leaders” you are decrying? I am disappointed in this. Very.

  2. Tom, you did not post my response to your post. I want to add that my father is a police officer and I have a deep respect for them. What I was trying to say is that as a people of faith it may be wise to let tragic events like this sink in before we blame our leaders, either it be the sitting president, the Senate and congress, or anyone currently running for president. And you know, I couldn’t have voted for all of them, could I? Besides, my favorite leader is Pope Francis😁

    • I know you don’t think I should have said what I said about our leaders, however, that’s what I wrote and I will stick to my words. Leadership in this country from the top down is terrible. We need to pray for them since they don’t seem to care. I spoke to numerous officers over the past few days and they believe if the leadership had stronger words and stood behind the police officers, the act of violence that we witnessed many not have occurred.

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