Listening to St. Mary Magdalene’s Sunday Homilies…and Some Advice from Mother Angelica

As I have done in the past, I want to share with all of you some exciting news coming out of the parish that I work for in Gilbert, Arizona. Our parishioners as well as all of you can now download our Sunday homilies through iTunes and Google Play Music. It’s something we have talked about doing for a couple of years, but in the last month or so, we figured out how to properly do it and are happy to offer the homilies to not only the Catholic world, but to anyone that wants to listen to them.

For the longest time, we have offered the homilies on our website for our parishioners (and visitors to the website), but now using iTunes and Google Play, a person can download the homilies to their device and listen to them anytime and anywhere. I hope that many of you will take the time to listen to the great preaching many of us here on a weekly and daily basis. I hope that you will also share it with your family and friends.

Francis.Benedict - SMM Homilies meme

For those of you that don’t have a device and just want to listen to the homilies via the website, click here.

For those of you that prefer iTunes, and more than likely own Apple products, click here.

For those of you that prefer Google Play, and more than likely own an Android, click here.

To end this very short post today, here is some motherly advice on ‘Listening to Sermons’ from none than Mother Angelica –

“I never saw such a bored group of people as the looks of you all listening to a sermon. If I was the speaker, I would be so discouraged. Some of you are asleep, some of you are bored. It’s distressing because you are not listening. Some of you should try some public speaking, and we’ll respond the way you do at Mass. What an un-Christian attitude. You can’t tell me you’re listening when your eyes are closed and your face is taut. Don’t shut off the Word, because you’re going to miss a lot of graces in your life. Don’t say, ‘I’ve heard all of this before.’ Listen to what the Spirit wants to say to you right now. How uncharitable you are, to sit there like a sphinx while the poor priest is talking.

Now, maybe you don’t like his interpretation. Fine. You don’t have to like it. There are a lot of speakers that I don’t like. But there have been times where the worst speaker will say something that hits me like a rock. So please don’t sit there with a Christian Science grin. Wake up and listen. Really listen! There is no sermon that you cannot get something out of. I don’t care who gives it. It’s not what they are saying. It’s the Word! You need to ask only one question when that homily begins: ‘What is Jesus going to say to me today?’” (Taken from: Mother Angelica’s Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality).

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