“Mondays with Mary” – What was Mary feeling one week before giving birth to Jesus?

Historically, in the Liturgical Calendar, December 18 (yesterday) is the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Although this feast is no longer officially in the liturgical calendar, many faithful Catholics in the Latin Church still honor the day.

The Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is the feast anticipating the coming of Jesus Christ. In the Spanish Catholic Church, it is still a very popular feast. To read more about it, I encourage you to visit Catholic Encyclopedia – New Advent.

Trying to understand what the Blessed Virgin Mary was feeling one week before giving birth to Jesus is difficult since nothing about her thoughts have been revealed to us in the Sacred Scriptures. At this point, it’s pure speculation at best. We know what St. Luke tells us in Chapter 2 of his Gospel, however, we don’t know much more than this account.

Was it difficult on Mary to be away from her family and her mother during this time? Even though the birth of Jesus was miraculous, as was his conception, what was Mary feeling? Did she know what was to occur? Was she ready for it? Did she think she would be a good mother? Was she fearful in any way? Did she really completely trust the will of God?

Knowing what we do know about the Blessed Virgin Mary, her own Immaculate Conception, and the Annunciation, tells us that she did completely put her trust in God, just as she had done nine months prior. Mary is the great sign of perfect faith and joy for us, all the time, but especially during the Advent.

Not only is she the Theotokos (God-Bearer), she is also now our Mother and Advocate. Just as she brought forth Jesus into the world, she longs to bring us closer to Him today, most especially during this Advent season when we await his arrival as a little child.

Mary in Advent

We may not know completely what Mary was feeling one week before the birth of Christ, but below are ten quotes from mothers sharing what they were feeling one week prior to having their child(ren) –

I was always excited awaiting the birth of our four children. We never had any idea if we were going to welcome a girl or a boy– that always added to the excitement! Our fourth child was to be a Christmas baby and was born late on December 22nd after a very long trying birth. I was very excited to go home with the new baby on Christmas Eve day to share the wonderful present that God had given us with the other children. (We were gifted four babies in less than 3 1/2 years!). – Kathy

I was feeling Joy, happiness and I was very excited to see the little faces of my babies. And the most important thing that they were healthy!! And since the first moment that I knew I was pregnant I felt very blessed!!! – Vanessa

The week leading up my son’s birth was filled with excitement, joy and fear. Excited to finally see and hold the boy I’d come to love with a depth I’ve only felt for my children. Joy and wonder for the miracle it was that my flesh was the perfect home for his creation. And utter fear that I wouldn’t have all the answers or wherewithal to handle all that may come. Thankfully, God was by side through it all and faithfully remains my guide and source of strength lighting my path. – Lissa

Well I was becoming anxious since my son was late in arriving. I cleaned house continuously and re-webbed my lawn chairs. I did anything to occupy myself. – Barbara

As my due date drew closer, the anticipation grew in my family and me. I was anxious to meet this little one but at the same time there was so much to do still. My body was tired but my brain was on a roll. At the same time there was a certain tranquility that everything was going to be ok because I was surrounded with people that loved us. – Ann Marie

A week before the birth of my daughter, I kept wondering what she’d look like. What her life would be like. What kind of world she was entering. And afraid–afraid that all the books I had read wouldn’t mean anything when she made her appearance! – Marcella

One week before giving birth, I felt so many emotions, including excitement, joy, anxiety, fear and anticipation. I could not wait to experience the day of bringing this new life into the world, wondering what her little features looked liked and whom she resembled in those features. I could not begin to explain the amount of love I had for this tiny little person I had never met yet, and I was waiting for the day I could hold her. Each day was filled with suspense in that last week of wondering… could this be the day she is here? – Michele

Within 5 years of marriage, my husband and I had 3 children. While each pregnancy was vastly different, the feeling I had one week prior to giving birth was always the same; I couldn’t wait. I was anxious and excited to finally get to see and hold my child, a child I already intimately knew and loved more than words could ever express. Every day just prior to giving birth felt like an eternity, because I knew the moment that I was going to get to kiss and meet my child face to face was drawing ever closer. – Mary

“I felt the anticipation of longing to meet my new son, along with fear of the unknown if I’d be a worthy mom. Also thankful for the gift God gave me!” – Dena

“One week before I gave birth to my daughter, I was feeling super excited to hold this little person who had been growing inside of me. I was thrilled to hear her little cry, smell her, and to see her beautiful face. Also, I was feeling nervous for the labor and delivery part especially because I had her stories from so many other women. I just felt that I wanted to be the best Mommy to my baby girl who I had already fallen in love with.” – Carla

Our Lady of Expectation

Motherhood is vitally important for the growth of civilization. Thanks to the women above for hearing the call to be Mothers. If you are Mom and would like to share your experience of what you were feeling one week before giving birth, please do so in the comment box below. We would love to read and learn from them.

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    December 19 +
    Jesus was found teaching in the Temple at age 12 and all were astounded. He also taught from the First Temple which was the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Here is today’s reflection from Preborn Jesus Ministry~

    Isn’t this astounding?!
    And who shall measure the graces and blessings, which that Child was showering upon Mary and her faithful spouse, during those months of waiting and prayer and holy converse, while they planned and arranged with such care and minuteness, as parents are wont to do, every detail connected with the birth of the firstborn?”
    Ortus Christi, Mother St. Paul

    I know you really wanted to hear our personal testimonies. My first two sons were born without much prayer to Mary. After a conversion, our other two sons were born with her picture by my side until I gave birth. In gratitude, I have devoted my life since 2009 to spreading a devotion to Jesus within the womb of Mary. Our Advent reflections are at LIKE the Page (not the post) and you too will receive daily reflections.
    Advent Blessings,
    Bernadette Conklin

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