It’s Time to Tell the Mainstream Media #WhyWeMarch

In recent memory, one of the only main media outlets that mentions the #MarchforLife (this is a hash tag – see below) is Fox News. Along with them, you get the other websites, mostly Pro-Life, that also speak about the March, but from any of the other news outlets – it’s a total media blackout!!

It’s time for us to tell the mainstream media that we have been Marching for Life for now 44 years!

I never realized until recently how much the mainstream liberal media enjoyed covering protests, since they never covered the March for Life, which is a protest focused on our First Amendment rights. The mainstream media (#MSM) covered the protests after President Donald J. Trump won the Electoral College by a big number, they covered the “protests” from last week’s Inauguration of President Trump (although it was more chaos and anarchy than protesting), and they also covered last week’s Women’s March, which really wasn’t a march for all women, since many pro-life and pro-women groups were asked not to participate.

Realizing all of this has inspired me to write today’s blog post. It’s now our time to protest, and although many of us cannot make it to Washington, D.C. this year for the March for Life, we can still protest and bring attention to the March by making it trend on Twitter and Facebook. Many of you probably already have a Facebook account so sharing stories and news articles (such as the presence of the Trump Administration that are going to the March for Life tomorrow) are pretty familiar to you and it seems as if it’s already occurring.

Where we really need our presence to be is on Twitter. If you don’t have a Twitter account, I would highly encourage you to make a Twitter account today. So you might be asking yourself, what is Twitter and how does it work?

“Twitter is an online news and social networking service where users post and interact with messages, “tweets,” restricted to 140 characters. Registered users can post tweets, but those who are unregistered can only read them” (Twitter Wikipedia page).

To learn about setting up a Twitter account, “tweeting” and what a hash tag is, go to the article titled, The Beginner’s Guide to Twitter. There are other sites as well but this is pretty simple and he does a good job explaining things.

Once you have your Twitter account set up, get the word out there about the March for Life. If you feel bold in your tweets, tag the mainstream media left wing hacks such as @ABC, @CBS, @NBC, @MSNBC, @CNN, @NPR, and many others like the Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, and really any news organization out there.

Encourage @FoxNews to cover it too, but I have a feeling they will since representatives from the Trump Administration will be present.

Encourage your local television stations and newspapers, which also probably have Twitter accounts, to cover the March for Life. To contact the main news outlets via email and feedback pages, please read the post titled, Media Blitz: We Look Forward to Your Coverage of the March for Life from the Diocese of Arlington (Virginia).

To help you get started, here are a few accounts you can start following – @March_for_Life, @LifeNewsHQ, @AbbyJohnson, @Students4LifeHQ, @SBAlist, @ProLifeBlogs – from here Twitter should suggest others and you will get the hang of things.

Hash tags – the two most important are #MarchforLife and #WhyWeMarch

Okay, my fellow Catholics – let’s get it done this year and show the mainstream media that we can protest too!

Pray for those still in the Abortion industry – that they may see their wrong doings and have the courage to leave that industry today.

Pray for all of those who have made it to our nation’s capital this year for the March for Life – pray for their safety and that voices will be heard.

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  1. Great post! We couldn’t agree more! Wish they would have local marches as well that we could participate in.

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