“Mondays with Mary” – The Miraculous Medal and Employment (and my new position at the parish)

For today’s “Mondays with Mary”, I found a prayer associated with the Miraculous Medal (Source: Association of the Miraculous Medal – where the specific prayer intention is for employment. The reason I am writing about a prayer focused on employment is twofold – first, I know a few people in my life that are seeking employment, and second, I wanted to share with my readers about the new position at the parish. Before I share with you my news, here is the prayer for employment associated with the Miraculous Medal –

Mary our Lady of the Miraculous Medal,

you once experienced hardships and difficulties

in getting the necessities of life.

Look kindly on me now

as I face the same difficulties.

Help me to find suitable employment.

Through my work I want to meet my physical needs

and to grow spiritually.

Help me find a job that lets me provide for myself

and for those who depend on me.

I trust you, Immaculate Mother,

to hear my prayers and intercede for me.

I will share your goodness with others

that they know your power with God

and give him honor and glory.



To learn more about the Miraculous Medal, I would encourage you to read my two articles from these series – The Miraculous Medal and Saint Theresa of Calcutta and the Miraculous Medal. If you know of someone in your life seeking employment, feel free to share this article with them or just pray for them.

Now to share my news – On June 1, just 17 days ago, I took over our family catechesis (children’s catechesis) program here at the parish. My new title is Director of Family Catechesis. In this position, I will oversee the catechetical formation of our children who are Pre-Kindergarten through 5th Grade. I will also oversee the weekly formation of the parents and the on-going training of our adult catechists and aides.

Here at the parish we require one of the parents to attend a parent formation session so that we can also evangelize and catechize them. I have participated in the parent formation sessions since I have been at the parish in my former role, but now I will oversee the curriculum and catechesis first hand.  One of the bigger additions to the parent sessions is going to be monthly Eucharistic Adoration. Last year, we took the parents to Adoration and many of them loved it. I am excited to add this portion to the parent sessions because I often use my Adoration time for writing and study (looking at Jesus right now as I type these very words).

This position was offered to me by our new Parochial Administrator (eventually he will be made Pastor) back on April 19. I did not seek this position out and to be completely honest, I was very content in my role as Director of Adult Evangelization and Catechesis, but the need at the parish was for me to accept God’s will, which I discerned through prayer and conversations with my fiancée (and a few mentors) and took on this new endeavor. Since June 1 (was prepping before then), I have been feverishly working on the new content as well as bringing up-to-date some things that needed it.  I am super excited that the Lord Jesus Christ called me into this position and will work hard to make the program reflect his goodness and to lead our children and their parents into a personal relationship with Him and His Catholic Church.

If you have the time, could you please pray three Hail Mary’s for me? Offer them up for courage, strength, and endurance – three attributes needed when working in parish life. Also pray that parishioners of our parish will hear the call of the Holy Spirit and come forward to serve as catechists and aides for our young children, for the parents, and for one another. Ask Saint Bosco and Our Lady, Help of Christians (Patrons for our new program) to answer these specific prayers. Thank you in advance for your prayers.

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal…Pray for Us

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  1. Tom

    Congratulations on Your new position. I am confident with the Lords guidance you will do an outstanding job.

    My thoughts and prayers are with You

    Shilrey God Bless

  2. Dear Tom:

    Want to thank you for your posts. I have no idea how I found you and your writings, but they are quite enjoyable and meaningful. Thank you!

    Congratulations on your new post. You will bless many.

    Peace & gratitude,

    Elizabeth (Lisa)

    May you always make time to celebrate the quiet miracles that seek no attention.~


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