“Mondays with Mary” and St. Therese of Lisieux

It seems that I lost track of time today – so in order to provide you with something on this first Monday of October, I am going to list some posts I wrote on Saint Therese of Lisieux (my saint crush – ha ha!) from previous years, since today is her memorial, as well as give you an already written “Mondays with Mary” focusing on Our Lady of Walsingham. This Marian article coincides nicely with the National Marian Shrines I have been focusing on for the past couple of months.

Next week, I will return with an article looking at Canada’s Patroness – Our Lady of the Cape, who is also associated with the Holy Rosary and the Immaculate Conception. For those of you who visit my website/blog in Canada, feel free to send me anything you have on Our Lady of the Cape. I have some information, but more information is always a good thing. My email is on the Contact/Speaking page of this website.

First, here is the “Mondays with Mary” focusing on Our Lady of Walsingham.

Second, here are the articles I wrote on Saint Therese of Lisieux, the Little Flower –

Saint Thérèse of Lisieux – “Doctor of Merciful Love” (written October 1, 2013)

“Mondays with Mary” – The Holy Rosary, Part Deux and St. Therese of the Child Jesus (written September 30, 2012)

“Mondays with Mary” – 10 Quotes from St. Therese of Lisieux on the Blessed Virgin Mary

Saint Therese, Fulton Sheen, and Eleven Sermons

Our Lady of Walsingham…Pray for Us

Saint Therese of Lisieux…Pray for Us 

Goofing off and nerding out Catholic style in my office in the parish.

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