The 2018 Catholic Christmas Gift List

For those of us that work for the Catholic Church in schools, parishes, and or diocesan offices, we often look for other means to financially support ourselves, and if we are married, as I am now, to financially support our families. Catholics that do what I do at the parish often also go out and give talks at parishes/schools to support their families. I have been doing this for many years now and it’s something I love to do. If you are interested in seeing my talks, check out this link right here.

Although these talks can support my family, I have recently found other ways to do so through my website/blog. In recent months and days, I have become an affiliate for five different Catholic companies that sell their products online. The great thing about being an affiliate is that I get to support good Catholic organizations while also making a small commission to support my family. I try to do this even when I am not an affiliate – as Catholics, we need to support each other as often as we can.

Below are the five Catholic companies that I have become affiliate for recently and my 2018 Catholic Christmas Gift List. Feel free to share this post and/or links with your Catholic family and friends. I thank you in advance for your support.

SOCK RELIGIOUS – Catholic Socks for your feet. With socks like these, you will be walking like the Saints in no time.

CATHOLIC BALM CO – Beard Balms and Oils for the man in your life that grows a beard. They also have mustache balm, lip balm, and a lotion bar. The money goes to support youth ministry. I use either Chrism or Holy Smokes on a daily basis.

REGINA CIGARS – In the tradition of G.K. Chesterton, smoking cigars (and pipes) has become a new trend. I know a lot of Catholics that enjoy a cigar from time-to-time (also often associated with a good glass of bourbon or scotch).

RUGGED Rosaries – The makers of the Original Paracord Rosary. When you hold these rosaries in your hands, it truly feels like you have a weapon that will defeat Satan. And since I carry one in my pocket all the time, I know these won’t break.

Small Things Great Love – Rosaries and other religious items by Allison (She is a friend of mine from Franciscan University of Steubenville).

HOLYART – A Catholic religious store from Italy that is online. They have some amazing products.


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