“Mondays with Mary” – The Everyday Carry for Catholics

Back on October 15 and 16, and then again, this past Saturday, I gave a talk at Saint Mary Magdalene Catholic Church first to a group of our parents and then to my catechists and aides, on a topic that I once thought I had all figured out since I had written on it lots of times in the past on this very blog. However, after picking up a book by Fr. Donald H. Calloway, MIC, I realized pretty quickly that I did not know as much as I thought I did. The topic I am speaking of is – The Most Holy Rosary.

The Holy Rosary is the most important everyday item a Catholic can carry. This term, everyday carry, refers to the things we carry each day such as keys, wallets, smartphones, work keys, pocket tools, etc. This term in the firearms industry refers to the pistol that one carries on their person every day, that’s if your state allows you to conceal carry.

It was through the firearms industry that I conceived the title for my talk because the Most Holy Rosary is a weapon. As Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) has said, “The Rosary is the weapon for these times.” When someone conceals carries a pistol, the idea is that they carry to defend life, not to take it. It’s the same with the Rosary – we carry it to preserve our life – our spiritual life.


How much do you really know about The Most Holy Rosary?

What are the four elements that preceded the Rosary?

Why did Saint Dominic flee into a French forest seeking help from Heaven?

Why is the Black Plague important to the Hail Mary?

Who Blessed Alan de la Roche?

What is Lepanto and Our Lady of Victory?

Who wrote the greatest book on the Rosary?

How important are Lourdes and Fatima to the Rosary?

Who added the Luminous Mysteries and why?

What are the benefits of the Rosary?

Lastly, how important are Our Lady and the Hail Mary for taking down Satan?

To get the answers to these questions and many more, listen to my talk –

Our Lady of Victory…Pray for Us

Our Lady of the Rosary…Pray for Us  

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