“Mondays with Mary” – The Feast of the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

For many centuries in the liturgical calendar, December 18 was the day the Catholic Church celebrated the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was celebrated for centuries up until they changed the liturgical calendar. There is no official date of when it was first started in the universal Church, however, we do know that the feast started in Spain, Toledo specifically, and then spread to other countries. Throughout the late 17th century to early 18th century, the feast moved throughout Europe eventually ending up in the Papal States in 1725. The Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is about anticipating the coming of the Redeemer.

Trying to determine what Our Lady was feeling and thinking one week before giving birth to Jesus is difficult since nothing about her thoughts and feelings are revealed to us in the Sacred Scriptures. It’s purely a speculative assessment. We know what Luke 2 tells us, however, we don’t know much more than this revelation. Was it difficult for Our Lady to be away from home at this time? Did she wish that her own mother would be present? These are questions that we must ask, however, we do know that Mary completed trusted in God and knew his plan well. We must remember to always be like her – saying Yes to God and trusting that His will for our lives is best for us.

Although we may not know what she was feeling and thinking until we get to Heaven, something I have done with this feast over the years is provided for you what Moms I know were going through one week prior to giving birth to their first child. Below are the blog posts I have written focusing on those feelings and thoughts –

2013: “Mondays with Mary” – The Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

2015: What was Mary Thinking the Week Before She Gave Birth to Jesus?

2016: “Mondays with Mary” – What was Mary feeling one week before giving birth to Jesus? 

2017: “Mondays with Mary” – Seven Days before Christ was Born: What was Mary Expecting? 

2018: What was Mary Thinking One Week Prior to Giving Birth to Jesus? 

Our Lady of Guadalupe…Pray for Us 

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