Sock Religious

Marian Monogram Socks from Sock Religious

Just because the days of Christmas gift-giving has come to an end for this year, does not mean that purchasing Catholic socks has to cease. Today, on the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, Sock Religious, a Catholic company creating and selling Catholic-themed socks released their latest pair of socks – Marian Monogram Socks. As a guy who loves the Blessed Mother and writes about her often, these socks will for sure be in my sock drawer in the near future (wink wink…my family).

The latest socks from Sock Religious have the Marian symbol with the letters – “A” & “M” interconnected. The two letters represent the Latin phrase – “Auspice Maria, which means, “under the protection of Mary.”

To purchase these socks and other great Catholics socks, please visit the Sock Religious website here.

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