5 Advent And Christmas Inspired Cocktails To Enjoy During The Holiday Season

A few years back, a friend gave me the book, Drinking with the Saints – The Sinner’s Guide to a Holy Happy Hour written by Michael P. Foley. This friend knew that I enjoyed the Catholic method of drinking and that I have loved the Lives of the Saints, so he bought this book for me as a gift and knew that I would appreciate it and use it.  

In the book, Michael Foley lays out humorous antidotes and creative directions on how to consume the correct beverages that correspond with different liturgical seasons, feasts, solemnities, and saint’s days during the Church’s yearly calendar. There are more than 300 recipes, a manual on beer, spirits, and wine, and even tips on how to give a proper toast.

Over the years, I have tried some of the cocktails in this book, but for the month of December during the seasons of Advent and Christmas, I am going to have five of the drinks in this book and share them will you here on this website as well as on my personal website/blog.

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