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The Importance of Saint Joseph in the Life of the Catholic Man

Since this is the Year of Saint Joseph, I wanted to focus this year’s post more on how Catholic men view their relationship with the foster-father of Our Lord and the great protector of the Universal Church. Although all Catholics should seek out the intercessory prayers of St. Joseph, it is Catholic men that should try to emulate the virtues he displayed through his daily life as a husband to the Blessed Virgin Mary and foster-father to Jesus Christ. As men, we are given the responsibility to protect our wives and children, we are the guardians of our families just like St. Joseph protected his Holy Family.

As a husband and father, I pray to St. Joseph every day to help me be a better husband to my wife and father to my son. St. Joseph has also played a big role in our move to the Upper Midwest, in the selling of our home in Arizona and the purchasing of a new home here in North Dakota. I firmly believe he has been with me and my family this entire time. For me, St. Joseph is my father who continues to protect my family by watching over us and keeping us focused on Jesus Christ and Our Lady.

What really amazes me about Saint Joseph is that nearly 2000 years after his life ended on Earth, he is still influencing Catholic men to be virtuous leaders in their families. He still plays an important role in the life of many Catholic men.

Below are some comments from friends of mine, other Catholic men, speaking about why St. Joseph is important to them –

“I started praying to St. Joseph in earnest leading up to my wedding. I relied heavily on his prayers to lead my family through lost pregnancies and other difficulties. The thing I find most inspiring about St. Joseph is his determination to actively listen to and obey the voice of God, his daily closeness to Jesus, and his devotion to the Holy Family.” – Matthew

St Joseph is my patron saint. I keep a small statue on my desk. I consider myself to be a hard worker. I get a lot of self-satisfaction in the work that I do, if done right. What is particularly important is this, when I dedicate my work for my family and St Joseph things always work out. – Jon

“Like Saint Joseph, my model as husband, father and man of faith, I fee entrusted with specific responsibilities: provider, protector, teacher and supporter. Joseph gave entirely of himself to Mary and Jesus, and served them with humility and devotion; constantly focused on their dignity. Although he was the leader of the family, he always put himself as the least among them. Each day, I pray that his example continues to inspire me to be the man I cam called to be.” – Bill

“I see my role as a conduit of the life and joy of God. From my life of grace and the intimate sharing of my journey I provide and protect them not only on a physical plane; but more meaningfully on a relational and spiritual plane. St. Joseph shows the spirit of service and closeness with the persons with Jesus and Mary that I need to be a fountain of living water to my family.” – Josh

I would encourage all Catholic men that read this post to leave a comment and share with us your relationship with St. Joseph and why he is important to you.

Since today is Solemnity of Saint Joseph and it falls on a Friday in Lent, everyone can eat meat. The normal fasting and abstaining from meat is lifted to celebrate the great father of the Holy Family.

Saint Joseph…Pray for Us

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