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“Mondays with Mary” – A Farmers Prayer to Mary

A few days ago, I was reading through a monthly magazine that we receive because our home is in an area of town that was once considered rural, that means our area of Bismarck was once considered “out in the country” compared to the town and the downtown area of Bismarck.

The magazine is North Dakota Living and it is published by the North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives. Ever since we moved into our home, we have been receiving this magazine, however, when I was reading the March edition, I came upon an important article for this part of the country – 2022 Agriculture Outlook: Weather and Markets.  I found the article incredibly fascinating. Agriculture is very important in the state of North Dakota, as it is in most Midwest States. I know that last year’s summer was brutal on the crops in the state because of the hot conditions and lack of rain so reading the article was important information for me to know.  

The weather last year was so bad on the crops that at one point during the summer one of the prayer intentions at Mass was for rain. I remember thinking how foreign this idea was to me at first but it was then that I realized that we were truly living among farmers and ranchers that depend on the weather for their well-being. From what I understand now, praying for rain is a common prayer intention in farming communities.

So, as I was reading the aforementioned article, I was wondering if there were any particular Catholic prayers to Our Lady when it comes to farming and crops. I quickly did an internet search and came upon the prayer on Catholic Doors titled – A Farmers Prayer to Mary. I liked this prayer a lot and I wanted to share it with you. Our Lady knows what it is to live in such a rural town. Nazareth was about as rural as you could get in the 1st century. I know that my family and I will turn to this prayer if the weather is not good and that we start praying for rain again this summer at Mass.

If you living in a farming or ranching community, I hope that you will pray it and share it with your neighbors. If you know others that live in these communities, I hope that you will share this prayer with them.

Our Lady of the Fields…Pray for Us.

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  1. Tom, check out “Our Lady of Abundance or Prosperity” See Roman Catholics Saint in left col. see Titles of Mary. Talk about great reading each one is special. In reference to your topic of today I thought this one would be of help.

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