Silence is Golden…especially before Mass begins

I remember in the early 2000’s every time I went to an AMC movie theatre, you would see a 1 minute and 3 second clip about being quiet in the movie theater. Well, in not so many words, Pope Francis said the same thing yesterday about not talking prior to Mass.

To this writer, this is a great thing! I have visited to many parishes around this country where “chitchat”, as the Holy Father referred to it, is done, and sometimes even encouraged. If you want to chat before Mass, I would say do it outside or in the church vestibule or foyer, but once you enter the nave of the church, talking (chitchat) should cease. I am glad the Holy Father taught about this yesterday.

Here is the article from the National Catholic Register speaking about what Pope Francis said  – Pope: Pre-Mass Time Is Meant for Silent Prayer, Not Chitchat

The Holy Father goes on to talk about prayer as well in his catechesis. To understand what Prayer is in the Catholic faith, check out a Quick Lesson from the Catechism on the very subject here.