“Mondays with Mary” – Mary, the Morning Star (through words of Blessed John Henry Newman)

There are times when I know exactly what I am going to write for a “Mondays with Mary” and then there are times when I struggle to find a topic. Today was one of those days, however, after a miscue on what reading I was suppose to read last night at our monthly Latin Novus Ordo Mass, it came to me, well it came to me through a friend. I was supposed to read the first reading, but I read the second reading. She said to me, Tom, you had to read that reading because it mentioned “morning star” and you had to read about Mary.

So for today’s blog post on the Blessed Mother, I am going to focus on the Marian title, Morning Star, but through the words of Blessed John Henry Newman. However, before I give you his words, let me briefly explain this title to you and what it means.

In the Litany of Loreto, there isn’t a title that is more precise than “Morning Star.” All stars image the Blessed Virgin Mary for she is the reflection of the brightest star, Jesus Christ. One of the most popular titles for Mary is “Star of the Sea”, which derives from ancient Marian hymns. In September, I will focus on this Marian title more.

The title “Morning Star” is often associated with the Blessed Mother because the Church interprets this verse from Song of Songs – “Who is she that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun?” (6:10) as a description of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As the “Morning Star”, Mary precedes the coming of the star that lights the day, the star that points to the largest star. As always, Mary is leading us closer to Jesus Christ.

Now that we have a brief understanding of this title, let us turn to the words of Blessed John Henry Newman, a man who can say hello and good-bye more eloquently than me. As often happens with the saints, after I read this explanation of the Morning Star from Newman, my one word was…Wow!

“WHAT is the nearest approach in the way of symbols, in this world of sight and sense, to represent to us the glories of that higher world which is beyond our bodily perceptions? What are the truest tokens and promises here, poor though they may be, of what one day we hope to see hereafter, as being beautiful and rare? Whatever they may be, surely the Blessed Mother of God may claim them as her own. And so it is; two of them are ascribed to her as her titles, in her Litany—the stars above, and flowers below. She is at once the Rosa Mystica and the Stella Matutina.

And of these two, both of them well suited to her, the Morning Star becomes her best, and that for three reasons.

First, the rose belongs to this earth, but the star is placed in high heaven. Mary now has no part in this nether world. No change, no violence from fire, {77} water, earth, or air, affects the stars above; and they show themselves, ever bright and marvellous, in all regions of this globe, and to all the tribes of men.

And next, the rose has but a short life; its decay is as sure as it was graceful and fragrant in its noon. But Mary, like the stars, abides for ever, as lustrous now as she was on the day of her Assumption; as pure and perfect, when her Son comes to judgment, as she is now.

Lastly, it is Mary’s prerogative to be the Morning Star, which heralds in the sun. She does not shine for herself, or from herself, but she is the reflection of her and our Redeemer, and she glorifies Him. When she appears in the darkness, we know that He is close at hand. He is Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End. Behold He comes quickly, and His reward is with Him, to render to everyone according to his works. ‘Surely I come quickly. Amen. Come, Lord Jesus.'”

Blessed Virgin Mary, Morning Star…Pray for Us 

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Mondays with Mary” – The Blessed Virgin Mary is Our Lady

Over the course of 2000 years, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been given a variety of titles and names to honor her dignity as the Mother of God. Many of her titles come from the places she has appeared such as Fatima, Lourdes, and Guadalupe. Other titles come from her assistance in life of the Church such as Star of the Sea and Mother of the Poor. Furthermore, the five Marian doctrines also help us to understand her role in Salvation History, for she is truly the Theotokos and Perpetual Virgin who was Immaculately Conceived and then Assumed into Heaven where she intercedes for us as our Maternal Mother, Advocate, Co-Redemptrix, and Mediatrix of All Grace.

As I was thinking and praying yesterday on what to write for today’s “Mondays with Mary”, it came to me that the Blessed Virgin is Our Lady. She is Our Lady because she is the Great Lady and Great Woman (Gebirah in Hebrew) in Salvation History. Recently, National Geographic Magazine called her the most powerful woman in the world. She remains the most powerful woman in the world because she is not dead, but living in Heaven. Through the power of Jesus Christ, she continues to intercede for us and has appeared to humans in a variety of cultures to remind us of Jesus, leading us to Jesus, and teaching us that Jesus loves us.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Although I have not done all of her titles justice, for today’s “Mondays with Mary” I am going to list for you all the titles of Mary that begin with ‘Our Lady’ that I have written on over the nearly four years of this series. It’s my hope that you will read them over the week as well as share the beauty that is the Blessed Virgin Mary with your family and friends.

She is truly the Great Lady and Our Mother who is always ready to take our hand and lead us to her Son, Jesus Christ.

1. Our Lady of Fatima

2. Our Lady of the Americas and the New Evangelization

3. Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows by Carlo Dolci

Our Lady of Sorrows by Carlo Dolci

4. Our Lady of Lourdes

5. Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament

6. Our Lady of Czestochowa

Our Lady of Czestochowa

Our Lady of Czestochowa

7. Our Lady of Aparecida

8. Our Lady of the Snows

9. Our Lady of the Rosary

10. Our Lady Help of Christians

Our Lady, Help of Christians

Our Lady Help of Christians

11. Our Lady of Solitude

12. Our Lady of Charity of El Cobre, Patroness of Cuba

13. Our Lady of Nanteuil (France)

14. Our Lady of Walsingham

15. Our Lady of Health

Mary, Our Lady…Pray for Us. 

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes

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“Mondays with Mary” – The Most Holy Name of Mary

If you hadn’t figured it out yet, I have a devotion and love for the Blessed Mother. I had always looked to her for guidance in my life, however it was not until my first year at Franciscan University of Steubenville when I took the course – Mary in the Modern World with Dr. Mark Miravalle, that my relationship with her transformed into what he has become today.

Let’s be honest, I am not the perfect child in regards to my relationship with her, but I try to be a good son to her and one that she will be proud of daily. Like most children, yes, even as an adult child, I make mistakes and do things I should not do, however, it’s been my prayer of late that I can improve my relationship with others through her intercession.

I know full well that she is my Queen Mother – my Advocate and my Mediatrix to the Lord. Could I go to him directly? Sure, and at times I often do, but he will not deny his Holy Mother her requests on our behalf. Jesus is the New Davidic King and Mary is the New Queen Mother. I have spoken about this relationship in previous “Mondays with Mary.” I encourage you to look those up to understand this theology completely.

This coming Wednesday, September 12, we celebrate the memorial – The Most Holy Name of Mary. This memorial is to remind us of how great the name of MARY truly is in salvation history. Her name brought glory to God the Father and God the Son. She is the Mother of the Savior and her name must be remembered for all time. Her name is a name of honor and should be venerated (not worshipped or adored – those are for God alone).

We call upon Mary with great trust and devotion. I have compiled a list of the many titles of Mary that she has been given over the centuries. It is not exhaustive list by any means of the word, however, it is a starting point of the many popular titles for Mary. Ask for her intercession under these titles and you will witness how much she truly loves her children.

She is…


Blessed Virgin Mary

Black Madonna

Blessed Mother

Created Wisdom


Exalted Daughter of Zion

Gate of God

Gate of Heaven

Gebirah (Great Lady)

Handmaiden of the Lord

Hail Mary, Full of Grace

Holy Virgin Mary

Holy Mother of God

Immaculate Heart of Mary

Immaculate Mary

Immaculate Conception

Mother of the Church

Mother of Mercy

Mother of Our Redeemer

Morning Star


Mater Dei

Mary, Help of Christians

New Ark of the Covenant

New Eve

Our Lady

Our Lady of Charity

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Medjugorje

Our Lady of Grace

Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Victory

Our Lady of Czestochowa

Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of China

Our Lady of Amsterdam

Our Lady of the Americas

Our Lady of the Snows

Our Lady of the Highways

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of the Rosary

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal

Perpetual Virgin

Queen Mother

Queen of Heaven

Queen of Martyrs

Queen of Apostles

Queen of Angels

Queen Assumed into Heaven

Star of the Sea

Salve Regina

Seat of Wisdom