“Mondays with Mary” – Names of Our Lady Blanket

This morning I was scrolling through my Instagram feed and came upon a very cool blanket from the Worthy of Agape shop. The blanket has many names, titles, and symbols that pertain to Our Lady. It is simply called the Names of Our Lady Blanket. For a guy who writes about the Blessed Mother and loves Mama Mary a lot, I found the blanket to pretty awesome and can see myself with one soon.

To help you understand how this blanket came to be, here is the description of the blanket from Amanda Sloan, foundress of Worthy of Agape –

“My middle child often struggles to sleep well. She is very particular about her blanket on her bed, so when she outgrew the only blanket she’d ever sleep with, I knew I had to act fast. ⁠
⁠I asked her if she wanted to make a blanket with me. Since our daughter bears two names of Our Lady, the ideas flowed naturally. And thus was born the Names of Our Lady blanket featuring all kinds of Marian symbols and titles. My kids inspire so much of what you see in the shop.”

One of the reasons why I found this blanket to be so cool is because so many of the titles and symbols on this blanket I have written about throughout the years in this series. Below is a small sampling of some of the titles and symbols that I have written on, however, I would highly encourage you to check out all of my articles on Our Lady here

“Mondays with Mary” – The Feast of Our Lady of Fatima

“Mondays with Mary” – Lourdes, Lourdes, Lourdes

“Mondays with Mary” – The Regina Caeli   

“Mondays with Mary” – Mary as the New Ark of the Covenant  

“Mondays with Mary’ – Symbols of the Blessed Virgin Mary

“Mondays with Mary” – Our Lady Help of Christians

“Mondays with Mary” – The Esheth Yahil (Woman of Valor)

“Mondays with Mary” – Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament

You can also purchase these amazing items – Saint Pegs, Mass Sets, Apparel, Flash Cards/Coloring Sheets, Keychains & Ornaments, Clings & Sticker, Blankets, and Worthy – The Book at Worthy of Agape.  

Our Lady of Fatima…Pray for Us

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