Christmas gift ideas for every Catholic on your list

As we approach the Advent and Christmas Seasons, I know many people have begun to think about the gifts that they will buy for family and friends this year. Although there are so many options online to choose from, I would highly encourage you to support small businesses, but particularly small Catholic businesses. Below are some of the businesses that I support and advertise on this website.

SOCK RELIGIOUS – Catholic Socks for your feet. With socks like these, you will be walking like the Saints in no time. They come in both adult and kid sizes. These are a great gift for your favorite parish priest!

CATHOLIC BALM CO – Beard Balms and Oils for the man in your life that grows a beard. They also have a mustache balm, lip balm, a lotion bar, perfume/cologne, and deodorant. I am a huge fan of their beard balms. My favorites are Holy Smokes (smells like incense), Chrism (smells like Baptism!), and Saint Nicholas Blend (reminds me of Christmas).

Small Things Great Love – Rosaries and other religious items. Allison is a friend of mine from Franciscan University of Steubenville. My wife and I have one of her wall rosaries for our son’s bedroom. We have received many compliments on it. We have bought a few for our Godchildren.

REGINA CIGARS – Smoking cigars has become a new trend among many. I know a lot of Catholic guy friends that enjoy a cigar from time-to-time often associated with a good glass of bourbon, scotch or a fine beer. G.K. Chesterton once said, “The Catholic Church is like a thick steak, a glass of red wine, and a good cigar.”

WORTHY OF AGAPE – Founded by Amanda Sloan, Worthy of Agape sells many great items for the youngest saints among us. One item that is constantly selling on her site are Mass Sets. I know that once our son gets a little older, we will have this for him to
“play Mass.” She also sells Saint Pegs, Ornaments, Blankets, T-shirts, and some arts and craft items.

CHEWSLIFE – Creates handmade Rosaries for Children, Women, and Men. My wife and I own one of the chewable rosaries for our son. They also sell other devotionals and have some great resources for Praying the Rosary.

HOLYART – A Catholic religious store from Italy that is online. They have some amazing products.

CATHOLICSHOP.COM – A huge inventory of Catholic religious items.

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