Book Reviews Complete…For Now

Instead of writing a full-blown post today, I chose to finish reviewing books that are located on my Homepage under the tab – “Book Reviews.”  There are a total of 17 books at the moment, but I will add more books as time goes on in the hope that my readers will read the texts as well as continue to read my blog and pass it onto others that may prosper from the Church’s teachings I write about in the weeks and months to come.

Today, I finished the reviews on Jesus and the Jewish Roots of the Eucharist, A Man for All Seasons, Verbum Domini, St. Thomas Aquinas, An Exorcist Tells His Story, The Catholic Church and the Bible and A Severe Mercy. All of these books can be purchased on Amazon or at their respective publishers. I also included links to some of the authors for further study on the individuals who have written these excellent texts.

In regards to Verbum Domini by Pope Benedict XVI, I have given three talks between 45-60 minutes on this document. If you would like me to come to your parish or organization and explain this document to you, I would be more than willing to come and speak.  Please notify your Pastors or Parochial Vicars about my willingness to speak on the Scriptures. You can reach me by contacting me through this blog – click on the “Book to Tom to Speak” Tab located on the Homepage. I have a PowerPoint presentation that coincides with my talk as well.

If you are not following my blog as of yet via email or Twitter (I hope to set-up a Facebook page as well separate from my personal page), I encourage you to do so since it will aid my chances in being picked up by one of the large Catholic resource websites on the Internet. Please pass my blog onto your friends who are either really into their faith or those who know have left the faith. It’s my mission, through the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ, to bring as many people back to the faith during these times of tribulation and persecution.

May Our Lord Jesus Christ in Union with His Blessed Mother and All the Angels and Saints Be with All of You this Day.

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