Operation Catechize the Catholics

Two days ago on March 14, the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education posted this article, Vatican Official Says There Is Great Need to Catechize Catholics” on Facebook. I got very excited when I saw the title on my Facebook “News Feed”, because this is exactly what I have set out to do on this blog. I then proceeded to read the entire article and my excitement grew even more so. As one who has a great love for Jesus Christ and His Bride the Church, I found the need to use my knowledge in Theology, my teaching abilities from the classroom, and my research and skills to reach out to Catholics and bring them the Catholic faith. I had been thinking about starting this blog for many months, but it wasn’t until January 28, nearly 8 weeks ago, that it came to fruition.

The mission of this blog is – The Engagement and Education of the Catholic Lay Faithful in the New Evangelization. When I read the article above, I knew that what I set out to do was being confirmed. Some will say that I am foolish, naïve, or rigid, but as a Blessed John Paul II Generation Catholic, I find great comfort in the Catholic Church, for I know, that the Catholic Church is the one true Church founded by Jesus Christ upon Peter, the Universal Shepherd.  I am not naïve enough to know the Church in her history and even recent history has not been perfect. However, the Catholic Church has survived for 2000 years! She has seen governments, kingdoms, and tyrannical despots fall; she has witnessed wars, her faithful martyred, and political strife throughout the generations, yet she still remains. The Truth that she proposes to the world is what I hope to bring to this blog.

Being the person who I am, one of the traits that my friends often say I hold is loyalty. When I find a hair stylist (yes…I go to stylist and not a barber) that I like, I will often stay with that person for years. When I find a pizzeria that suits my Italian palate, I will go get a slice on a weekly basis. Okay – with that being said, I want to give you some other blogs that I have come across in my time that are also helping with the catechesis of Catholics. It should also be said that some of these blogs dive into the political realm as well. As the catholic laity, we must engage the secular society politically as well. It is our duty to do so!

Some of these blogs are my friends but they are All my brothers and sisters in Christ, so I am  loyal to them. The work that they do in the Catholic Blogosphere is important. Note – the number system has nothing to do with how I rate these blog’s, – it’s just the order I wrote them in tonight:

  1. Little Catholic Bubble (friend)
  2. By the Light of the Sanctuary (friend)
  3. Pro Caritate Veritatis (friend and co-worker)
  4. Coming Home
  5. Acts of the Apostasy
  6. Conversion Diary
  7. The Anchoress
  8. Fr. Z’s Blog – What Does Prayer Really Say?
  9. The Deacon’s Bench
  10.  Aggie Catholics
  11. Bad Catholic
  12.  Standing On My Head

So as we approach the Year of Faith and the Synod on the New Evangelization in October, know that two to three times a week, more if I can manage it, you will receive solid orthodox theology and catechesis from me via this blog. If you are interested in bringing me to your parish or organization to speak on Catholic teachings, please contact me through this blog. My contact email is located in the “Book Tom to Speak” Tab on the Homepage. Don’t forget to follow me via email so you will receive emails as I put up posts. If you have Twitter, follow me there – @tom_perna

Praise Be Jesus Christ!

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  1. Tom – thanks for the posts and all the work you are doing with the kids at Savio. We are blessed to have you teaching Kev.

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