Holy Week

The Crucifixion of Our Lord

Hymns Adapted from Great Friday Morning – Eastern Catholic and Antiochian Orthodox Christian. Source: Eastern Holy Card. 

When You were led to the Cross, O Lord, You asked,

“For what act do you wish to crucify me?

Is it because I raised your dead as from sleep?

Healed the woman with an issue of blood?

Showed mercy upon the Canaanite woman?

For what act do you desire My death?”

You shall look on Him Whom you have pierced, O Sinners,

and shall know that He is the Christ of God!

Today He Who hung the earth upon the waters is hung upon the Cross.

He Who is King of the Angels is crowned with a crown of thorns.

He Who wraps the Heavens with clouds is wrapped in the purple of mockery.

He Who in Jordan set Adam free received blows upon His face.

The Bridegroom of the Church is transfixed with nails.

The Son of the Virgin is pierced with a spear.

We venerate Your Passion, O Christ.

Show us also Your glorious Resurrection.

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