“Mondays With Mary” – The Love the Saints Have for Mary

Today’s “Monday’s with Mary” is a small collection of quotes about the Blessed Mother from the some of the great saints of the Catholic Church. There is no doubt there are many more great quotes about our Lady not listed here, but I wanted to provide you with some that I have found. I would encourage you to Tweet them, put them up as your Facebook status, or use them in your own blogs and periods of evangelization.

Mary is so important to Jesus for she is his Queen Mother. She is our Queen Mother as well for it was our Lord who gave her to us through St. John the Apostle while he was on the cross (see the fifth quote). We don’t worship or give adoration to her, but we give her great honor as her Son gave her great honor. She stands for all time as the Mother of All.

“Thus Christ by being born of a virgin, who, before she knew Who was to be born of her, had determined to continue a virgin, chose rather to approve, than to command, holy virginity. And thus, even in the female herself, in whom He took the form of a servant, He will that virginity should be free.” – St. Augustine, On Holy Virginity

“As mariners are guided into port by the shining of a star, so Christians are guided to heaven by Mary” –Saint Thomas Aquinas

“And by a new nativity [Christ] was begotten, conceived by a Virgin, born of a Virgin, without paternal desire, without injury to the mother’s chastity…The origin is different by the nature like: not by intercourse with man but by the power of God was it brought about: for a Virgin conceived, a Virgin bare, and a Virgin she remained.” – St. Leo the Great, Sermons

“A gentleman of the Protestant faith, the son-in-law of Malcolm Muggeridge, told me: “I love you, your work, everything I see, but there is one thing I do not understand: Our Lady. You are full of Mary.” I replied to him: “No Mary, no Jesus –no mother, no.” A few months later he send me a card with these words printed in big letters: “I believe, no Mary, no Jesus! This has changed my life.”” – Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

“If through faith Mary became the bearer of the Son given to her by the Father through the power of the Holy Spirit, while preserving her virginity intact, in that same faith she discovered and accepted the other dimension of motherhood revealed by Jesus during his messianic mission. One can say that this dimension of motherhood belonged to Mary from the beginning, that is to say from the moment of the conception and birth of her Son. From that time she was “the one who believed.”” – Blessed John Paul II, Mother of the Redeemer 21

“If there is an apostle on whom our eyes would be fixed, was likely to teach us about the Blessed Virgin, it is St. John, to whom she was committed by our Lord on the cross – with whom, as tradition goes, she lived at Ephesus till she was taken away. This anticipation is confirmed; for, as I have said above, one of the earliest and fullest of our informants concerning her dignity, as being the Second Eve, is Irenaeus, who came to Lyons from Asia Mino and had been taught by the immediate disciples of St. John.” – Blessed Cardinal John Henry Newman

“Now I seem to be penetrating what was the martyrdom of our most beloved Mother…Oh, if all people would but penetrate this martyrdom! Who could succeed in suffering with this, yes, our dear Coredemptrix? Who would refuse her the good title of Queen of Martyrs?” – St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina

“In that first ‘fusion’ with Jesus (holy communion), it was my Heavenly Mother again who accompanied me to the altar for it was she herself who placed her Jesus into my soul.” –Saint Therese of Lisieux

“Is not Mary the Mother of Christ? She is therefore our Mother also…He [Jesus] acquired a body composed like that of other men, but as Savior of our race, He had a kind of spiritual and mystical body, which is the society of those who believe in Christ…Consequently, Mary, bearing in her own womb the Savior, may be said to have borne also those whose life was contained in the life of Savior. All of us, therefore…have come forth from the womb of Mary as a body united to its head. Hence, in a spiritual and mystical sense, we are called children of Mary, and she is the Mother of us all.” – Pope St. Pius X, Ad diem illum

“In the Heavens Mary commands the angels and the blessed.  As a recompense for her profound humility, God has empowered her and commissioned her to fill with saints the empty thrones from which the apostate angels fell by pride.” – St. Louis De Montfort, True Devotion to Mary

“Day by day, let us strive to belong more and more to the Immaculata, and in her and through her, to Jesus and to God; never should we try to go to Jesus without her. We do not serve God the Father, and Jesus our Lord, and the Immaculata; but we seek to serve God in Jesus and through Jesus, and to serve Jesus in the Immaculata and through the Immaculata.” – St. Maximilian Kolbe, Letter to Fr. Salezy Mikolajczyk, July 28, 1935.

“The devotions we practice in honor of the glorious Virgin Mary, however trifling they may be, are very pleasing to Her Divine Son, and He rewards them with eternal glory.” – St. Teresa of Avila

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