Immaculate Heart Radio Interview

Here is the link to my interview that just aired yesterday morning on Immaculate Heart Radio Phoenix 1310 AM. I am the first interview of the Bishop’s Hour.

It’s still a very new experience hearing myself on the radio. Even though the experience is new to me, I have had numerous people tell me how strong my voice sounds on the radio. I do enjoy giving talks and hope to give more talks in the near future in Phoenix and around the country. Pray for me that God will open more doors down this avenue.

I enjoyed my time being interviewed on the radio and wish to thank Michael Dixon who interviewed me on Immaculate Heart Radio here in Phoenix. I want to also thank Debbie Georgianni and Jennifer Ellis as well. Debbie is really the one who made my first interview on Immaculate Heart Radio happen and giving me the opportunity to come on the Bishop’s Hour to discuss the Blessed Mother and my writings about on this blog. It was great to work with Jennifer to plan the interview points as well.

Thank you Jesus for giving me the gifts to do what I do in your name. Thank you Blessed Mother for always being my guide to Our Lord and for the Saints who inspire to write and try – try is the word – to live a life of virtue.

Please follow this blog and share it with your Catholic friends, your friends who have fallen away from the Catholic Church, and anyone else you think would enjoy learning more about the Catholic faith.

Don’t forget – tomorrow, December 12 is the first day we will receive a Tweet from Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. His Twitter handle is @Pontifex (bridge-builder). My Twitter handle is @Tom_Perna. I think he has more followers than me. Ha ha!

Awaiting the Coming of Jesus Christ,


Immaculate Heart Radio image for Christmas

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  1. Your voice was perfect. The most important to remember, as Mike Cumbie should, it’s great to slow down so people can hear “every” word you speak.

    Great job, Tom!

    Theresa Woodley

    Pastoral Secretary

    Our Lady of Perpetual Help

    7655A East Main Street

    Scottsdale, AZ 85251

    Phone: 480-874-3710

    Fax: 480-874-3798


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