Moral Theology

Standing Up For Life and Humanity

Today, thousands will gather in San Francisco for the West Coast Walk for Life (estimated crowd of 50,000), and yesterday, 500,000 – yes, ½ March for Life 2013million (some estimates claiming 650,000) people gathered for the March for Life in Washington, D.C. (even though the State-Run Liberal “Journalists” denied it was that large). Yesterday was the largest gathering of Pro-Lifers in this 40-year historical war between the forces of good and evil. Mark my words! – This is a war, and it is between good and evil. The Culture of Death, a phrase coined by Blessed John Paul II, is seeking to destroy all that is good and beautiful about the human person. As Christians, we must rise up and defend human life from conception to natural death. We must stand for marriage between one man and one woman (France, just did it!), we must fight against the evils of contraception, in vitro fertilization, cloning, stem-cell research that destroys human embryos, and child abuse. In the end, we must fight for the very good of humanity itself!!

The Culture of Death is not just about Abortion, but it contains all the forces of destruction that I have mentioned, which in the long haul will destroy civilization, as we know it. The effect these evils are having currently will only continue to disrupt and demonize humanity in the years to come. We can see it currently with the destruction of the family, the great strife between men and women in relationships, and the annihilation of the human person.

With 55 million children dead – 55 million children who had their lives in front of them – I say enough is enough! We must continue to fight for the unborn and for the beauty of the human person. Standing up for Life against the evils of Abortion is what we must do. It’s now part of who we are as humans in this historical period. In the words of William Wallace in the film, Braveheart, “Are you ready for a war?!” We are no longer fighting just battles, but it’s an all out war against the Culture of Death. We are not just fighting fellow humans, who justify Abortion as a “law” or because it’s the easy way out, but we are fighting against the spiritual world as well (Read Ephesians 6:10-18). As Christians, we must “put on the whole armor of God” so that we too can stand against the attacks by the devil. St. Paul knew this well – we must come to know it, live it, and fight for it, just like he did.

The Culture of Life must be the engaging force against “the present darkness.” With Jesus Christ as our source and summit, it is our fundamental duty as Christians to engage the culture, counteract the culture, and do all that we can to show the Light of the World to the culture. Our Lord is not a light that should be kept under a bushel basket, but He is the greatest light, the light brighter than a thousand Suns – Christ is the light that will pierce the darkness. Jesus Christ is the Heart – the very Core, of the Culture of Life, for He is Life itself. With Him…all things are possible!

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  1. Well said! Thank you for bringing a soul to the Internet. Your blog and social media outlets are refreshing! I’ll be praying for you! Pax!

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