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Pope Francis Reads “Mondays with Mary”

Woah!!! You wouldn’t believe what just happened! I am freaking out here in Phoenix!

I just checked my gmail account and saw this email with the address of “Va.” When I opened it up, it was an email from Pope Francis himself telling me how much he enjoys my blog series – “Mondays with Mary.” He said he has been reading the posts for the past 4 months. He said that he loves my passion for the Blessed Mother and that I should think about writing a book with the blog posts. He said my most creative blog post on Mary was the Immaculate Conception – Explained since it was in the style of St. Thomas Aquinas.

He said if people are not following my blog, they are missing out!  Pretty sweet, huh?!

Pope Francis - Day 1

This made my whole day which happens to be April 1. This was an April Fools Joke – a tradition here in the USA on April 1. 

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  1. Wow! Very happy and excited for you! A beautiful honor. Pope Francis is so special and you should be so excited by this great blessing. Hope you do put your blogs on Our Blessed Mother in a book!

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