Heads UP

Heads UP

Heads UP

Heads UP is a new blog post “series” where I will share things happening in my personal ministry from time to time on this blog as well as provide you links from previous posts that I have written.

The term “Heads UP” is a term defined as being “alerted”, receiving notification or information, particularly in advance. It’s a term often used in sports when a ball or object is in the air. For a funny explanation of this concept, see the Seinfeld Episode – “The Blood” on YouTube.

First, my blog is fully redesigned. Last night I finished the SPEAKING page which provides the title of each talk I can speak on as well as a short explanation of the talk. I truly enjoy giving talks and hope to increase my speaking engagements over the months ahead. I also added a tab at the top of the blog called – RADIO INTERVIEWS which provides you with my radio interviews that I have done in the past. Once I have some more talks under my belt, this tab will change to provide those as well.

Second, today at 5:17 P.M. to 5:42 P.M., I will be on the Mike Allen Show – Real Life Radio 1380 AM and 94.5 FM (Lexington, Kentucky) speaking on variety of topics. Hope you can listen in to the Live Show.

Third, recent blog posts. Enjoy!!

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  1. i attempted to download the AM site you referred to. I got a lot of obstacles. I will try to listen but!!

    Dick Welp

  2. Dear Tom,

    We are out of the area. No need to send me any more emails.

    Will you please remove me from your email list?

    Thank you.

    Jesus Christ, I Trust in You.May God Bless you!       Matthew 11:28 Sincerely, Howard Smith 

    • Howard – I can’t remove you from this list. You need to remove your self from the list. You can unsubscribe. There should be some type of notification on the email.

      Most of my followers on here are not in the Phoenix area. Is there a reason why you don’t want to follow along anymore?

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