Top 10 Posts of 2017

Now that we have entered a New Year, 2018, a year that will bring many awesome changes to my personal life, I thought I would share with you the data as well as the Top 10 Posts from my blog and website from 2017. Some of the personal life information has already been revealed in other articles and will continue to be released in the months ahead. Stay tuned for some exciting news.

On this website, in 2017, there were – 192,731 views; 137,436 visitors, 1.40 views per visitor, and I wrote 87 articles. Although I wrote less than the preceding years, my views and visitors increased.116 people started following my blog either through WordPress or by Email. If you are interested in receiving emails when I wrote, feel free to sign-up on the Home Page below my picture where it says “Click here to Follow Me.”

At this point, I am around 5700 views from 1,000,000. That’s exciting but also very humbling. I should hit that milestone this month. I hit a rather big milestone during this year when I wrote my 800th post.

Out of the 87 articles I wrote, 15 of them appeared on Thanks to Kevin Knight for posting my articles on that site. Also, a thanks goes out to Tito Edwards and Big Pulpit for posting a few of my articles as well.

Below are the Top 10 Posts from 2017. They begin with the most viewed, however, each one had over 1000 views.

1. 12 Quotes from the Great Saint of Pietrelcina

2. 12 Quotes from Edith Stein – Jewish convert, Carmelite Sister, Martyr and Catholic Saint 

3. “Mondays with Mary” – St. Teresa of Calcutta and The Miraculous Medal 

4. Sacred Art is Inspiring and Flourishing…in Scottsdale, Arizona 

5. Solidarity HealthShare: The Catholic Answer to the Healthcare Dilemma 

6. Remembering Father Michael Scanlan, TOR

7. “Mondays with Mary” – 54 Days of Rosary Quotes 

8. The Knights of Columbus: A Band of Brothers Going into the Breach  

9. “Mondays with Mary” – Asking for the Intercession of Saint Joseph 

10. It’s Time to Tell the Mainstream Media #WhyWeMarch 

Thank you to all my family members, friends, and followers that follow me on here and/or through Facebook and Twitter. I appreciate your support. My 6th anniversary of writing on here is coming up soon. Watch for that post around the end of January.  Happy New Year! 

Heads Up: On Vacation

Keep Calm - Vacation

I am taking a break/vacation/unplugging from blogging over the next two weeks. It’s been a glorious year of blogging since my vacation last year. So many blessings to speak about – writing projects, teaching at the parish, and still having a great job, although this vacation is definitely needed. It’s also been a difficult year, but it seems that suffering is very much of my life.

While I am gone this week, please share my blog with your family and friends!! Including this post, there are 772 blog posts/articles. Check out my archives from the past year.

If you have suggestions or topics you would like me to write on in the future, please leave those suggestions in the comment box below or email me.

See you all soon!

In Christ through Mary,

– Tom

I will be at the Arizona Marian Conference this weekend

From what I have been told, there will be around 900 participants this weekend at the Arizona Marian Conference, being held at the DoubleTree Paradise Valley Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. I will be there selling my book, Understanding Catholic Teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as promoting this blog and my “Mondays with Mary” series found on this blog.

Tom Perna Flyer

If you have happen to be coming to the Marian Conference this weekend, and you follow me through this blog, I would love to meet you. Please stop by table located in the bookstore at the conference.

O Blessed Virgin and Immaculate Mother…Pray for Us. 

Heads Up – June 2016

Now that we have entered the summer months and things have slowed down a bit for me at the parish, I wanted to update everyone on what you can expect from me over the next few months.

First, I am going to continue to write throughout the summer, as I have done in the past, but the writing may not be as frequent as in past summers. I will continue to focus on my “Mondays with Mary” and Quick Lessons from the Catechism series, but there might be some days (Mondays in particular) that you won’t find a new blog post. I am going to take some much needed vacation time to spend with family and friends.

Second, the reason why my writing is not going to be as frequent is because it is my hope to finish two manuscripts that I have begun. One is based on my “Mondays with Mary” series and other is focused on the Doctors of the Catholic Church, also part of my blog writing. I really need to get these finished, edited, into the hands of the diocese for ecclesiastical approval, and then to publishers. Pray that Catholic publishers are interested in my manuscripts so that you can purchase them in the future.

Third, although I am compensated well through my position at the parish, there is always a need for more financial support, especially for those of us who have chosen to work for the Church. If you enjoy what you read on my blog, would like to thank me for my blog posts, and want to see more posts faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church, please prayerfully consider making a donation. You can find the PayPal link on the main page of this blog or just click on the aforementioned link. Thank you in advance.

Lastly, please pray for me. Working for the Catholic Church is hard work, and more often than not, the devil is prowling around seeking to destroy and confuse. There are two scripture passages that I often think about – Ephesians 6:10-18 and 2 Corinthians 11:16-33 – they often bring me consolation knowing that even St. Paul endured sufferings.

Thank you for the support and enjoy your summer!

Praise Be Jesus Christ…Now and Forever!

The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2015

On my blog, 2015 was a very blessed year. I surpassed 2014 with 168,571 views in 2015 and 116,265 visitors. I published 130 blog posts, the least amount of posts over the last few years, but since I my writings are frequently on New Advent as well as Big Pulpit, and now, Catholic Exchange, the reach of my blog has been extended to many others. Thank you to the editors of these sites – Kevin Knight, Tito Edwards, and Michael Lichens.

Another blessing that happened this year was that my first published book came out in September through Emmaus Road PublishingUnderstanding Catholic Teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary. As I write my weekly blog posts, I am working on two other manuscripts, both which derive from writings on my blog. I hope to share those with you in the near future.

Thank you for the support and prayers this year that you have provided me and my family. I hope that you continue to read my blog and share it with others throughout 2016.

Here are the Top 10 Blog Posts from 2015 –

1. 10 Quotes from the Treatise on Prayer from St.Catherine of Siena 

2. The Four Cups, the Last Supper, and the Cup of Consummation 

3. 7 Quotes from St. John Vianney on the Sanctification of Daily Life 

4. Quick Lessons from Catechism: The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony 

5. The Life of St. Augustine through the Words of Pope Benedict XVI 

6. My First Published Book – Understanding Catholic Teaching on the Blessed Virgin Mary 

7. The Rookie Card of Pope St. John Paul II 

8. My Friend, Bishop-Elect Steven J. Lopes 

9. What was Mary Thinking the Week Before She Gave Birth to Jesus? 

10. Father’s Day Without Dad 

To Our Lord Jesus Christ, through the intercession of Our Lady Guadalupe, to whom this blog post is dedicated, I ask for continued blessings and the grace to work for the Catholic Church and the Kingdom of God. Amen. 

Silent Retreat This Weekend – Please Pray for Me

Please pray for me this weekend as I am about to attend a 3 day Silent Retreat. It’s the first time going on silent retreat for me, although I have had chances in the past, but because of fear, I chose not to go. After enduring a rather difficult and gut wrenching last few days of 2014 and enduring the same pain over the past couple of weeks of 2015, I feel it’s time to take some time with Jesus alone in solitude on this retreat. My spiritual fathers (Catholic priests) think this will assist me in the healing process that I need right now.

So again, I ask, please keep me in your prayers this weekend. I hope to come off this retreat re-engergized and ready to continue my work at the parish and on this blog for Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church.

Also, I want to say thank you to my blog followers, Facebook followers, and Twitter followers. Without you, this little blog on the Catholic faith would not be as far reaching and successful as it as been. 2014 Annual Report

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The Louvre Museum has 8.5 million visitors per year. This blog was viewed about 170,000 times in 2014. If it were an exhibit at the Louvre Museum, it would take about 7 days for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

I would personally like to thank all my followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and everyone that follows my blog through the actual blog itself. Please continue to share my blog with your family and friends. It’s because of you that I write more and more each year.

I would also like to thank Kevin Knight, the editor at, who posts my blogs at least once a month. Also want to thank Tito Edwards of who publishes my blog posts as well. Without you two gentlemen, would not reach as many people as it does.

Here is to a very blessed 2015, and the publishing of my first books in print.

Happy New Year!