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I wanted to quickly share some news with my readers – On February 20, I was asked to meet with my Pastor at the parish where I work and was told that day I was being laid off by the parish due to budget constraints. After nearly 6 1/2 years, my time at the parish is coming to a close on March 31. It was shocking news yet somehow I had a small feeling it was eventually going to happen at some point. I am still at the parish till the end of this month to assist with some transition of my current duties. I am no longer seeking church positions at parishes since I really need to make a living wage that will support our growing family.

Since I have a Masters in Education and years of teaching/training experience, I am seeking positions such as an instructional design specialist, training specialist, strategic planning manager, education specialist, training coordinator, and leadership development trainer. I have applied to quite a few companies here in Phoenix, but have yet to attain an interview. I’ve reached out to a few recruiters and hope that they can find something for me. Locally, we have a great community and support system, we have family here in town, and we live in a great town.

I ask you simply to pray that I find a new position quickly. If you live here in Phoenix and know of a position or something I could be qualified to do, please contact me.

I hope that you enjoy my writings on this blog and will continue to support and follow me during this transition. Thank you.

God Bless,

Tom Perna

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  1. I will pray Tom! Looking forward to catching up soon!

    Sr. John Paul, O.P.

    “Freedom has to continually to be won, it cannot merely be possessed. It comes as a gift but can only be kept with a struggle.” – Karol Wojtyla, “Thinking My Country” (1974).


  2. Tom Sorry to hear you are leaving St. Mary Magdalenes’ I so enjoyed your classes I am praying for you Shirley

    PS Who is taking your RCIA position?

    Sent from my iPad


  3. Tom – sad news indeed but HE knows best. I shall ask St. Joseph to intercede for you to attain a new job!

    Many blessings from Canada.

    Take time to make your SOUL happy……


  4. Hummm…that’s quite unfortunate indeed. We will keep you in our prayers Tom, the Friars and I always look forward to your blog entries and have kept your family in our prayers for a couple of years now. We’ll just have to double down and pray for you to find something that best fits your wonderful qualifications. God Bless and trust in our Lord, he won’t let you down.

    Pax et Bonum,

    Br. Joseph-René D’Amour FSD
    Couvent de Saint François d’Assise
    Province of Our Mother of Perpetual Help
    Miragoâne, Haiti

  5. Tom, with your credentials have you thought about ASU? More than one of my family members (including Dad) have taught from community college technical courses to University level. One cousin teaches online courses from home. I’ve been around teachers enough to know one when I meet them, and you’re a teacher. I have another cousin who freelances doing teaching for corporations; she’s a hired contractor – that may be another route to look into. Keeping you in prayers, this will be a blessing in disguise, just you watch!

  6. I have appreciated your reflections, Tom.
    Loss is very hard, but God is in the midst.

    May many blessings unfold for you and your family.

    Peace& gratitude for your ministry over the many years.
    -Lisa (Sacramento)

    “And we are put on this earth a little space that we might learn to bear the beams of love.” ​― William Blake


  7. Tom,
    I wish you success in these troubled times. I know a company which could be of some help to you. The company is NControl Driving School. They are located on the south east corner of Ray and Val Vista. I will text you information. The owner is a member at St Anne. His name is Steve Imhoff. My thought is that this could work for you in the interim. it pays 13 to 15 per hour. You can manage the hours you wish to work. They mainly train school age students, Your background should be helpful in getting hired. You can mention my name as reference since I worked briefly for them. You can continue part time after you find a permanent position somewhere.
    God’s Blessings,
    Tom McNally

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