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TomPerna.org Gets a Facelift

As you probably have noticed in the last couple of weeks from being on this website/blog is that I have redesigned the page. For the longest time, really since I began writing, this page has looked the same, with some slight modifications over the years. I wanted something that was fresh since the previous theme was nearly 7 years old. I was looking for something as well where I could have my writings in the middle column flanked with two columns on the side for things I support.

One of the biggest changes that I have added is on the top of the left-hand side – there is now a place where someone can use Google Translate to the change everything into the language they desire to read. I found this fascinating and it was pretty cool to see my words in different languages as I played with the translate option.

Another big change is that my articles are listed in the middle of the page, which has always been the case, but now you only see a preview of the article and will need to click on the direct link to read the entire piece. It’s something I really like since the article doesn’t dominate the entire front page any longer.

The last change I want to write about today is that the page now has a footer area. Most of the items that are in the footer area have been present on my website for the last 6 years. The biggest change, and one that I find very cool is – Trending Articles. WordPress calculates what articles are being read the most and puts them in order.

You will notice in the weeks and months moving forward that advertisements for Catholic websites and products will also begin to show up on the side bars of this page. I have already begun advertising for Sock Religious, a Catholic company selling Catholic socks. I already know that the St. Joseph socks will be in my future since a priest friend of mine bought them for me.

Lastly, I have added the PayPal link again to this page. If you like what you read on here and what to support me, you will now be able to give via PayPal. Some people have asked me about this since I am getting married soon and were hoping to support us.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any further questions. My contact information is on the top of the page under Contact/Speaking. If you have Facebook or Twitter, you can follow me there as well. The links are on the right hand side under Social Media.

Thank you for the prayers over the years.

In Christ through Our Lady,


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  1. Congrats!


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