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Silent Retreat This Weekend – Please Pray for Me

Please pray for me this weekend as I am about to attend a 3 day Silent Retreat. It’s the first time going on silent retreat for me, although I have had chances in the past, but because of fear, I chose not to go. After enduring a rather difficult and gut wrenching last few days of 2014 and enduring the same pain over the past couple of weeks of 2015, I feel it’s time to take some time with Jesus alone in solitude on this retreat. My spiritual fathers (Catholic priests) think this will assist me in the healing process that I need right now.

So again, I ask, please keep me in your prayers this weekend. I hope to come off this retreat re-engergized and ready to continue my work at the parish and on this blog for Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church.

Also, I want to say thank you to my blog followers, Facebook followers, and Twitter followers. Without you, this little blog on the Catholic faith would not be as far reaching and successful as it as been.


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  1. Tom,

    My prayers are with you for the next 3 days. I pray that you may be touched by the grace of God to help you get get through whatever it is that has afflicted you. Your a soldier in the church and a great teacher of the faith!

    George Urteaga Jr 480-323-0668

  2. Tom… Don’t know if this will catch you before you take off for the Retreat, but wanted to say you are especially in my prayers over this weekend. A silent retreat is a magnificent healing experience and I pray that the Holy Spirit’s love touches you deeply and restores what you need for your soul. You do such great work; fill up the tank and enjoy the experience.

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