Catholic Priesthood

“I Have A Very Important Message For You…I Want To Become A Priest for Christ.”

There are many beautiful stories that are starting to come out of last week’s World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro. I imagine as the pilgrims return home to their countries, stories of conversions and interactions with Pope Francis will emerge as well. The Holy Father, nicknamed, Hurricane Francis, brought with him Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Mother, and the Catholic Church’s missionary role to a country that needs to hear the New Evangelization.

The video above is a young boy by the name of Nathan de Brito who climbed over the barricades and made his way to Pope Francis in the Pope Mobile. The young boy said to the Holy Father,”I have a very important message for you…I want to become a priest for Christ.” Usually when a boy has the call from a young age, he will often find himself as a Priest years later. Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) and Saint John Bosco are two examples of such cases. The same goes for young women in regards to Religious Life.

It’s a striking video and one that has the potential to make you weep for joy. Watch the video and then share it on your Social Media sites. Everyone needs to see this video!

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  1. Impressive tag line in my email box. I went straight to the blogpost. I was thinking you were speaking in first person!!
    Can’t ya just see salvation history being made all around us???

  2. I too thought you were speaking to us in the first person.
    We are praying for you and hope to hear how you will
    be serving Our Great God.
    Winter Scottsdale birds, Roger and Susan

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