Gifts For Every Catholic On Your Christmas List

Two weeks from today, yes, 14 days from now, is Christmas Day. I am not in Christmas mode yet, but hell or high water, it’s coming! If you are like me, you are still waiting and anticipating the Incarnation to come, which really means you probably are just starting to think about your Christmas list.

We are only in the second week of Advent and still have two more Sundays before we celebrate the day that changed the world and humanity forever – God Became Man!

In his Urbi et Orbi Message from December 25, 1978, Pope St. John Paul II said,

“On today’s feast we also raise ourselves towards the impenetrable mystery of this Divine Birth. At the same time, the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem gives witness that God has expressed this eternal Word in time, in history. With this “expression” God has built up and continues to build up the structure of man’s history. The Birth of the Incarnate Word is the beginning of a new power for humanity itself, the power open to every man, in accordance with the words of St John “he gave power to become children of God” (Jn 1:12).


We should still continue to prepare our hearts for the coming of Jesus Christ through prayer, waiting, and having that Marian disposition, but I know on the practical level, many people are thinking, what will I give to my loved ones on Christmas?

The greatest gift we could give them is our love rooted in the Incarnation. There is no greater gift on Christmas than Jesus Christ himself.

With that all being said and understood, if you are looking for Gifts For Every Catholic On Your Christmas List then look no further. I have collected twelve Catholic websites for your shopping pleasure below.

Instead of buying that same old pair of jeans from the whatever brand name store in your local mall, think about purchasing a Catholic Hoodie from Catholic to the Max or a Pope Francis Crest T-shirt from Totally Catholic Tees. These gifts will make an impression on the Catholic in your life and also help them to evangelize the beauty of Jesus Christ and His Church to the world.

1. The Catholic Company – World’s #1 Catholic Store

2. Totally Catholic Tees – Proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church with T-Shirts

3. Catholic to the Max – The Name Says It All

4. Parish Web Store – “If It’s Catholic It’s Here.”

5. – Catholic Gifts

6. Romantic Catholic – “Unique Catholic T-Shirts and Hoodies

7. – “Good Faith. Guaranteed.”

8. – Media and Apparel

9. The Catholic Shop – “From Our Family to Yours”

10. Ignatius Press and Our Sunday Visitor – “To Serve the Church”

11. – Eastern Catholicism

12. Verily Magazine – A Great Magazine for Women – Read my blog post here.

Update from Day 1:

1. Mystic Monk Coffee

2. Dynamic Catholic 

3. Community of St. Benedict Monastery Gift ShopTrappist Jams and Preserves

4. Abita Beer, Abbey Ale – 25 cents from each bottle sold goes back to St. Joseph’s Abbey.

Update from Day 2: 

Ovila – Abbey Ales

St. Meinrad Archabbey Gift Shop

If you would like to add more sites, please do so in the comment box below.

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  1. Up until my mother died a year ago she used to buy us, “Just Because” gifts. If she was out and saw something we would like, she would buy it. So when we became older and earing a wage our family decided to stop buying each other gifts, we had everything we needed and instead to pool our money and donate it to a different charity each year. The one we like best is where we can purchase, chickens, goats, cows or even clean water wells for families in very poor countries.

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