“Mondays with Mary” – The Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Historically, in the Liturgical Calendar, December 18 (Wednesday 2013) is the Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Although this feast is not in the current calendar, nearly the entire Latin Church still celebrates it. It’s the feast anticipating the coming of the Redeemer. It is very popular in the Spanish Church. To read more about it, visit the Catholic Encyclopedia – New Advent.

Our Lady of Expectation

Trying to understand what the Blessed Virgin Mary was feeling one week before giving birth to Jesus is difficult since nothing about her thoughts are revealed to us in the Sacred Scriptures. At this point, it’s purely a speculative assessment. We know what Luke 2 tells us, however, we don’t know much more than this revelation.

Was it difficult on Mary to be away from her family and her mother during this time? Even though the birth of Jesus was miraculous, as was his conception, what was Mary feeling? Did she know what was to occur?

Knowing what we do know about the Blessed Virgin Mary, her own Immaculate Conception, and the Annunciation tells me that she completely put her trust in God, just as she had done nine months prior. Mary is the great sign of perfect faith and joy for us, all the time, but especially during the Third Week of Advent (Gaudete Sunday).  She is not only the God-Bearer (Theotokos), but she is now our Mother and Advocate. Just as she brought forth Jesus into the world, she longs to bring us closer to Him today.

We may not know what Mary was feeling one week before the birth of Christ, but below are ten quotes from mothers sharing what they were feeling one week prior to having their child –

“The anticipation of our baby is unreal. I cannot believe how this little life is growing and will be part of our family in less than a week. The fear. Why fear? Fear of the unknown. Fear of the hurt and pain our little one will face one day in his or her life. Yet joy overwhelms my soul. The unbelievable joy that comes of a life created by our Creator. What a gift. A true gift. I know it will come with some pain but the offering of the pain will not be without gain. I cannot wait to introduce this amazing gift of our God to our other 4 children. We cannot wait and are preparing the day he or she blesses our family.” – Erika

“I was anxious, excited and little afraid – with my first child because I didn’t know what to expect and with my second child because I did. Both deliveries were very different but they brought me a precious angel each time.” – Joyce

“One week before I gave birth to my daughter, I was feeling super excited to hold this little person who had been growing inside of me for 10 months. I was thrilled to hear her little cry, smell her, and to see her beautiful face. Also, I was feeling nervous for the labor and delivery part especially because I had her stories from so many other women. I just felt that I wanted to be the best Mommy to my baby girl who I had already fallen in love with.” – Carla

“I felt an anticipation, excitement, and joy to come face to face with my child. I was nervous and getting ready. I found myself decorating, cleaning, and trying to keep myself busy, not out of boredom, but because the overwhelming feeling that I would meet my child so soon. Time couldn’t pass fast enough.” – Melanie

“The week before giving birth I was very impatient and eager to meet my little one. There was a desire to have everything prepared, such as our home and car. I was a little nervous about the pain of labor and delivery since I didn’t have any drugs. During that week I reflected on how different my life would be after having this child, especially my prayer life, sleep and convenience.” – Genae


“I felt the anticipation of longing to meet my new son, along with fear of the unknown if I’d be a worthy mom. Also thankful for the gift God gave me!” – Dena

“A week before giving birth there’s an overwhelming sense of excitement coupled with the sensation of wanting to literally pop. You can’t imagine getting any larger than you already are and no position is comfortable. Despite the discomfort, which dominates nearly every thought, you can’t wait to hold, cuddle and meet face to face that sweet baby boy or girl that you’ve been day dreaming about for nine (nearly 10) months.” – Amanda

“Today is my daughter’s 26 the birthday…perfect timing. I was going to have her natural; the first one was C-section. That part was little intimidating. The rest was pure excitement and anticipation. I wanted a little girl so much. I couldn’t wait to hold her.” – Marie

“I was filled with anticipation, anxiety, fear and hope.  I prayed a lot for the grace to know what I was suppose to do to care for a baby.  I feared the birthing process and what that meant for me physically.  I was anxious that I was always forgetting something that I needed to do before he arrived.  I found myself tearful a lot that week, especially every time I thought of the gift that God was entrusting to us.  The time was about to arrive when I would embark on a new layer of my vocation as a married woman…motherhood.” – Christine

“With our son, anticipation (he was born on his due date) I think I was pretty oblivious to how it was all going to unfold. More so with our daughter (she was born two weeks after her due date) anticipation was high, fearful (I now knew what labor pains were like!).  We didn’t know what the sex of either was going to be so definitely… ‘in waiting’.” – Kathy

Motherhood is so important. Thanks to the women above for hearing the call to be Mommies.

If you are Mom and would like to share your experience of what you were feeling one week before giving birth, please do so in the comment box.

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